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Marriage and the Single Mormon
Marriage and the Single Mormon

AIR DATE: February 28, 2011

The Mormon Church requires you to be married to reach glory in the next life. So what do you do if you're a single Mormon? Is there pressure to marry, and what do you do if you haven't found a mate yet or don't want to get married? How do you deal with sexual urges if you're supposed to remain celibate until marriage? And how do shifting societal standards (like women getting married later in life) change expectations and choices for those in the LDS Church? Are you Mormon? We want to hear from you.

Marybeth Raynes, licensed clinical social worker and marriage therapist
Joanna Brooks, writer, Religion Dispatches and AskMormonGirl
Frances Johnson, writer

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Very refreshing discussion! These 3 women made insightful and expressive discussion on the issues of sex/marriage/celibacy/ for single Mormon women. As a single young Mormon woman I can easily relate to the various viewpoints. I sit on a different side of the fence every day. Utlimately I want to marry a man who shares my faith, but I've never been able to connect with someone that happens to be Mormon. I loose motivation to try. I think a lot of us young single Mormon gals (not just me) have doubts, discouragment, and conflicting wants when it comes to dating/sex/marriage ideals. Logic tells me that a mormon guy should be the most likely candidate to help me achieve my goals but experience tells me that either A: Mormon men are weird or B: Mormon men are no more special than any other men. It could be that I'm the weird one. At the end of the day I am content to enjoy this time in my life that I can focus on myself and who I want to be, and on the people around me that I love. Maybe one day someone else will make an addition into my already-good life. Maybe a Mormon guy maybe not. As long as he's my kind of weird.
RachelFeb 7, 2012 00:07:24 AM
Homosexuals cannot legally get married in our country. If you are a Mormon homosexual, does that mean you cannot engage in sex at all? Doesn't living an "abundant life" include being in a healthy relationship with a person rather than living alone and celibate all your life?
LynnFeb 25, 2011 10:42:11 AM
I think it should be pointed out the individuals speaking are members of the LDS faith, but not one is an official spokesperson for the church. The views expressed or individual and not doctrine of the church.
JenFeb 25, 2011 10:24:57 AM
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