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Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage

AIR DATE: March 1, 2011

In 2004 and 2006 voters in Nevada voted to raise the state's minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. Now, one republican in the Nevada Senate, wants to repeal that law and make Nevada's minimum wage on par with that of the federal governments which is $7.25 per hour. We talk with Republican Senator, Joe Hardy and the AFL-CIO's, Danny Thompson about minimum wage in Nevada.

Sen. Joe Hardy, R-Boulder City
Danny Thompson, Sec-Treasurer, AFL-CIO of Nevada
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    The real minimum wage is $0, for that is what people who are not capable of producing $8.25 worth of services for an employer will suffer when no one will hire them. Further, it is mostly the young, unskilled and perhaps irresponsible people that earn minimum wage -- and when they get more skills, show that they are responsible, etc., as most people naturally do, they will command more than minimum wage. Indeed, most people earn more than minimum wage because businesses must pay more in order to get good workers, or to keep the good workers they have. So, if one wants to earn more money, do what successful people do: stop whining about the minimum wage, and go out and get the skills that will allow one to demand more money!
    TomMar 3, 2011 03:42:08 AM
    You are telling me that in the midst of a terrible financial crisis that your best solution is to take a dollar an hour away from the lowest-paid breadwinners and slash education. YOU'RE FIRED! YOU'RE SOOOO FIRED!
    Scott McClellanMar 1, 2011 14:20:00 PM
    According to Senator Hardy I work at an entry level job. Pretty sad I have been working it for 8 1/2 years. I think the Senator does not have his head in reality. The casinos are the largest employers overall in Nevada and they pay minimum wage. My income has dropped, by modest estimate, at least $1200-$1400 dollars a month. If you now take away another couple hundred dollars by lowering the minimum wage,I will have even less money to spend at the grocery store or at my once in a blue moon movie nights. The problem is that people need more money to spend at small businesses to help them grow, not less money.
    DeniseMar 1, 2011 10:20:21 AM
    It's difficult to hear a state Senator's utter economic incompetence towards economic policy. The fact that he has the power to even introduce a bill like this is frightening. This bill is simply a red herring to economic growth talks. It's everyday that I endure frustration because I continuously hear politician's wanting the people to take the short end of the stick as an answer to economic turmoil instead of also working with businesses to restructure themselves. It seems as though politicians are forgetting who they are supposed to be helping (or maybe they know, but, for various reasons, just do not care). P.S. You go, Peggy.
    SkyMar 1, 2011 10:09:07 AM
    I think the legislators who want to decrease the minimum wage are thinking about this all wrong. If I pay my employees less (yes, I am a small business owner), then they have less spending money, and, therefore, less money to spend in businesses throughout our state. Businesses need more income, not less!
    laurenMar 1, 2011 09:48:54 AM
    Thanks for hanging up on me! Sen. Hardy made a comment that people won't leave their unemployment insurance because minimum wage is less than unemployment. Yet he want to reduce minimum wage more? Does he understand the words coming from his mouth? Secondly, students are the ones who take a lot of these min wage jobs and tuition is going to skyrocket. As a UNLV nursing student my tuition is doubling next year. Thank god for my GI Bill, but how are my classmates going to make it? Gas prices are also out of control and food is increasing as well. It makes no sense to pay workers less. In times of trouble businesses don't overall increase hiring they save their profits for better times. If they pay their employees less they will pocket most of the savings.
    MarshalMar 1, 2011 09:44:16 AM
    Currently, I receive $5.26 an hour...and have not gotten an increase in the last two years... I am on Social Security...I would like to ask our representative what reductions are he and other members of Congress and government officials taking? Thank you.
    terryMar 1, 2011 09:40:58 AM
    The problem isn't $1 too high, the problem is that there is ANY minimum wage--which has the primary effect of keeping unskilled workers (mostly teens) out of any job that will let them learn the basics: showing up on time, following directions, working with coworkers. The result of putting on floor on wages has been proven over and over again, and it hurts the weakest prepared people the most. Sure we need better teachers etc., but we also need to ALLOW people who want to work. Note that in addition to the minimum wage, the employer also pays for taxes, insurances, etc., which puts the less-skilled worker even more out of work. Too much work being done by machines--a direct result of minimum wage.
    jimMar 1, 2011 09:30:12 AM
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