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Leaving Las Vegas
Leaving Las Vegas

AIR DATE: March 7, 2011

Las Vegas used to be the land of opportunity but many people are now moving on to better jobs and ... better places. One of them is Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist, author and Stephens Media executive, Geoff Schumacher. We talk to him about the newspaper business in Las Vegas over the last two decades, the boom and bust cycle and why he's moving to head a group of papers in Ames, Iowa.

Geoff Schumacher, Columnist, LVRJ Exec, Stephens Media

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Also, accountability of the news media. Fire fighters are high profile targets, where slinky behind the scenes, here today gone tomorrow politicians are much harder to sniff out and for some reason, the public (media digesting public) have become numb to the outrageous immoral, illegal, unethical behavior of their elected and appointed officials. Much easier to attack a big public target than the secretive stream of unaccountable politicians and their appointed lackeys.
Gooding DaileyMar 4, 2011 11:35:02 AM
I agree that public employee consessions are necessary to help balance the budget. I disagree when it comes to taking away their current right to collective bargain. Accountability is an issue. Let's look at some problems with this issue. The reason there is collective bargaining in the public sector is because politician's accountability is to the Voters. They will do anything in their power to get reelected. If that means destroying the government in the long term for a short term gain to win the next election, they will do it. They will find someone else to blame for the mess afterwards, but if they don't get elected, then - game over. This puts a irrational motivation on how they run the government using their appointed employees to manage thier unionized employees. Who, by the way, are unable to strike or participate in social security. This is unlike a business where (up until recently) the person in charge was responible for the profitability of the organization or they were out the door. In that scenario, short term gains at the expense of long term viability was never considered (that seems to have changed with the discovery of bailouts for 'too big to fail'
Gooding DaileyMar 4, 2011 11:27:56 AM
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