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People Protest the Cuts in Higher Education
People Protest the Cuts in Higher Education

AIR DATE: March 9, 2011

A demonstration to shut down the Strip is scheduled for Sunday. Students will be protesting the planned cuts in higher education under Gov. Brian Sandoval's budget. But the students are not the only ones who think that cuts to university and college budgets will provoke outrage. State Sen. John Lee told a committee hearing that there will be protests on the scale of the recent Egyptian demonstrations.

State Sen. John Lee, D-North Las Vegas

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The education system is very important and needs changing. I am a California native an I came to Las Vegas to get a better education and however, I feel the educational system is horrible, and need major improvement.In order to build the economy we need to start from the ground up. In order to do so we need to offer a better educational system to offer jobs to people who are capable of doing them.
ShanaeMar 11, 2011 20:26:21 PM
I am a philosophy major at UNLV. Our school's President, Neil Smatresk, yesterday offered up our program for elimination should these cuts go through. The Philosophy Department is staffed with diverse, dedicated and brilliant professors that prepare philosophy students for graduate study, law school, and medical school. Graduates of our program have been accepted into Stanford and University of Massachusetts; Universities highly respected intellectually. The loss of this department will greatly and irreversibly alter the quality of a Liberal Arts Education received from this Institution. Although our department is small, it is highly successful and an asset to the University.
Kristen HurdMar 9, 2011 18:11:49 PM
With all of the cash cow requirement classes and fees, UNLV is still worried about money!!!
challengerMar 9, 2011 07:13:30 AM
1) With Nevada's education funding per student being the LOWEST in the country and our services for the underpriveleged being the LOWEST in the country, how can we justify salaries for state employees at the HIGH end of the scale? How can we balance things out? 2) Why can't salaries be based on supply/demand? (i.e. if 1000s of people are out of work and many of them could qualify and accept a firefighter job for $50,000 per year, are we stupid for not hiring them at that rate?)
MattMar 7, 2011 09:40:41 AM
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