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George Harris Mayoral Candidate
George Harris Mayoral Candidate

AIR DATE: March 10, 2011

Business man George Harris is one of the many candidates for mayor of Las Vegas. His vision to make the city a better place involves making things easier for businesses in the city. His ideas include creating business incubator zones, suspending business licensing fees for one year and reducing building permit fee. He is also the founder of the Tequila Party of Nevada. We talk with George Harris about his run for mayor.

George Harris, candidate, Mayor of Las Vegas
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    What I like about George Harris' ideas is summed up in the phrase, "It has the virtue of having never been tried before." I think this man is spot on with his views of Las Vegas and how it can be made even better. He truly articulates an entrepreneur's viewpoint and plans for improving the city. And in answer to all those who took umbrage with his "views on education", I say George Harris is right about those who have run the education system so poorly despite having been given every resource and advantage. If you're looking for another candidate riding the bandwagon for more funding for education, George isn't it. He's what we really need!! Someone who will tell it like it is!
    Jon AntonsonMar 26, 2011 20:57:28 PM
    He came across as very impatient and short with questions. Very defensive. Yes he does remind me of Palins agressive response's. Does not sound as if he respects people when they do not agree with his views. We can still agree to disagree respectfully, don't hear that in him. Would NOT vote for him. Thanks for having him on to inform me as to who he is, I am sure he will try for some other elected office in the future if he fails at this one. Won't forget the name.
    Loretta WhiteheadMar 8, 2011 15:01:35 PM
    Thank you for having this man on today; now I know that I don't want him representing us in Las Vegas. I don't live in the city limits, but I have a lot of friends who do and I will talk to them about this jerk. He sounds just like Sarah Pallin, all talk but knows nothing.
    Sandra BeynonMar 8, 2011 10:03:27 AM
    I guess if all you want are minimum wage or less jobs, then it probably is true business men are not concerened about the education system. But, it you want high-tech, 21st century jobs, yes, Nevada needs a better education system. Also, what good does it do to offer incentives to have business come to Las Vegas when they will hire from out of state?
    Jay DickermanMar 8, 2011 09:55:04 AM
    This guy's views on the relationship between business and education make him sound like he's been living under a rock. There's no way in HELL I would vote for someone who comes across as this backward and clueless when it comes to one of the biggest issues facing both the city and the state. Get with the program, dude, or do us all a favor and drop out of the race. You sound woefully unqualified, and slightly delusional.
    LynnMar 8, 2011 09:54:20 AM
    How can George Harris justify losing the revenue that Business License fees bring in, considering this budget climate? Especially considering business license fees are NOT a barrier to starting a business?
    Brian HightowerMar 8, 2011 09:38:31 AM
    The business license fee for a Restaurant - Seating 30 or more is $150.00

    According the the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, "Fees can range from $25 to $1,200 dollars, depending on the license classification."

    The liquor license fee is also no $75,000. That is simply what HE probably paid to have a lawyer get it for him faster than the normal process.

    The person who would decide against opening a business in Las Vegas because of Business License fees probably would do more harm to the city than the few jobs it would create for a few months.

    This guy thinks he knows how to create jobs because he hired some people at his restaurant?? Yeah, my wife knows how to create jobs too!! She hired a nanny!

    In my opinion, our Mayor represents us to everyone. This includes being an advocate for our education system! He may not have any policy making power over education, but he does have the ability to fight for a better educational system to the state law makers!

    Brian HightowerMar 8, 2011 10:28:03 AM
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