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Manning Up
Manning Up

AIR DATE: March 15, 2011

Author Kay Hymowitz says men in their 20s and 30s are becoming crude and immature. It amounts to pre-adulthood, where bachelor parties and video games become the stuff of life. And it's making life harder for young women who don't want to be stuck in pre-adulthood or stuck with a partner who is all Adam Sandler and South Park all the time. We talk with Hymowitz about her controversial argument and talk with some 20-something Las Vegas women who have met some men deeply entrenched in pre-adulthood.

Kay Hymowitz, author of Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys
Regina, single Las Vegan
Autumn, single Las Vegan
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    Why is it that men equate EQUALITY with DISRESPECT? I fully expect a man to see me as his intellectual equal, however, that doesn't mean that I won't thank him for holding the door. If chivalry is seen a weakness, let's go back to a stronger concept: manners.
    MiMiMar 11, 2011 22:13:06 PM
    I have a possible solution for the man/boy issue: Reinstitute the Selective Service (or some other type of mandatory public service). I graduated from college in 1968, and I (along with most of muy classmates) went directly into the military. That is where I grew up and figured it out.
    TimMar 11, 2011 10:58:57 AM
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