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Byron Georgiou
Byron Georgiou

AIR DATE: March 16, 2011

Las Vegas businessman and member of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Byron Georgiou is not waiting for other Democrats. He's already jumped into the 2012 Senate race. Many Democrats are skeptical but Georgiou says we need an outsider and not just another politician. We talk to him about his platform and why he thinks he's the best Democrat to run against Republicans like Congressman Dean Heller.

Byron Georgiou, Candidate for the Democratic Party's US Senate nomination

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True, true, how will you assist the oodles of underwater homeowners in NV. Will you go after the banks? Frankly, there will be NO RECOVERY EVER until the banks allow a re-write of mortgage principals period. $5 buck a gallon gas in our future and cabbies longhauling tourists...who will want to come to Vegas???? HA!!! better clear the empty homes and retail malls for Mojave Max and his kin...
challengerMar 15, 2011 20:40:51 PM
What will you do to help struggling nevadans trying stay in/keep their homes? Will you work on behalf of homeowners or will you side with the banks? What will you do to help struggling nevadans trying to get or keep their jobs?
RobinMar 15, 2011 10:52:24 AM
What can be done to diversify Nevadas economy? With you representing NV, will we be more aggressive in perusing endeavors like solar energy and investing in our social services like schools and libraries that are hurting badly?
DennisMar 15, 2011 10:21:07 AM
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