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Counseling Rape Victims
Counseling Rape Victims

AIR DATE: March 17, 2011

In Las Vegas, victims of rape can go to The Rape Crisis Center for help. But when it came to actual therapy, they had to go to outside centers with licensed counselors. They faced waiting lines - and sometimes, they went to the same centers that were counseling rapists. So The Rape Crisis Center decided to open its own counseling division. We talk to counselors about treating sexual assault victims, and to victims themselves about what it takes to face their trauma.


Christina Keegan, former Miss Nevada and sexual assault awareness
Lu Torres, Exec Dir, The Rape Crisis Center                          


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Larry Ashley is not a Dr., yet he is representing himself as such. Not even sure if he has any clinical licensure to be practicing. I expect more from KNPR with regards to representing the speakers correctly. There are plenty of therapists in the Las Vegas valley that treat trauma and sexual assault. I worry about the Rape Crisis Center's referral list.
Lisa Mar 25, 2011 09:51:13 AM
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