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Las Vegas Mayor Candidates
Las Vegas Mayor Candidates

AIR DATE: March 30, 2011

On April 5 the residents of Las Vegas will go to the polls and decide which of the two 18 candidates for mayor will proceed to the general election on June 7. We will be joined by the leading candidates in the race for one final look at the issues surrounding the City of Las Vegas.
We'll discuss creating jobs, arena proposals and downtown development among other issues. We'd like to her from you. What are the questions you have before you go to the polls? Post your comments now.
Chris Giunchigliani, candidate for mayor, Clark County Commissioner
Carolyn Goodman, candidate for mayor, retired educator
Larry Brown, candidate for mayor, Clark County Commissioner
Victor Chaltiel, candidate for mayor, local businessman
Steve Ross, candidate for mayor, Las Vegas City Councilman

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    Ms. Duncan, Please name even one investor group that is ready and willing to put up 100% of the money for a transportation project within the City of Las Vegas. Also, the idea of retrofitting every building in Las Vegas is great but please explain, in detail who and how would this be paid for. Most of the home owners and building owners do not have the money and the city does not have the money. Ideas are great, reality is something different.
    Lee YarbroughMar 31, 2011 08:01:09 AM
    When will some Nevada official such as a mayor will have the balls to tell the casinos that Las Vegas needs a major league professional team and a diversified major industry such as pharmaceuticals, government, insurance, data processing and green industrries such as windmills and solar energy. STOP THE STUPID TELEMARKETING AND IDIOTIC PARANOID EMPHASIS ON MORE GAMBLING AND REAL ESTATE SPECULATION (restrict timing between sales).
    Joseph TiganiMar 25, 2011 17:35:07 PM
    Sorry, my post dropped off the following web web address:
    SaraMar 25, 2011 13:49:59 PM
    Good discussion on the Redevelopment hiring problems, but I did not hear any answers as to what is being done "Now" to the developers that have received the DRA monies and have not hired from the Redevelopment Area. Is our City Council willing to continue breaking the law.
    Stanton WilkersonMar 25, 2011 10:11:20 AM
    I live in an unincorporated area of the Valley, why should I care about the city race and do any of the candidates support incorporating more of clark county into the city?
    CarlosMar 25, 2011 10:09:32 AM
    Why does it make sense to have a person without experience in politics and the actual workings of the Las Vegas city machinations jump straight into the top city position? No other job area would allow this, and for good reason. It's great to bring "fresh looks" and "new ideas" to the table, but what about simply "running the city"? On-the-job-training for mayor??
    s. johnsonMar 25, 2011 09:41:41 AM
    First and foremost we need a mayor who actually knows where their jurisdiction lies, I believe there are fewer stars in the sky then events that Goodman has took credit for that are outside of the city of Las Vegas. I just received a flyer from Mrs. Goodman with her posed against a backdrop of the Strip. Secondly enough of the subsidization of Downtown Las Vegas, while the rest of the city suffers all effort continues to be funneled downtown with selective favoritism as private investors from outside the city drain our resources. The new city hall property as example, why was it the taxpayers responsibility to bail out the owner of that Main Street property who had made a poor investment.
    jtMar 25, 2011 09:27:08 AM
    Christine (Krammer), you are literally the dumbest person i've ever encountered. Did you graduate from Mickey Mouse college? You must literally barely have the capacity to put a sentence together. It's seriously sad :(
    Actually has a BrainMar 25, 2011 09:24:19 AM
    I am looking for the candidate who reflects a level of intelligence that the rest of the world when they look at Las Vegas believe in the competency of our community. No matter what happens in our region the WORLD press corp will look to the next mayor to answer for it.
    Christine Mar 25, 2011 08:45:18 AM
    Is Katherine "Katie" Duncan apart of this discussion? If not,why not?
    Stanton WilkersonMar 25, 2011 08:43:58 AM
    It looks like they went with the top polling candidates. Katie is committed to our community and I wish she would have run for city council. Personally I think it is a joke that Victor Chatiel who has no prayer of finishing in this race and can't answer a straight question will rant jobs with no plan disrupting the conversation. I would rather listen to Katie who actually knows this town any day!
    ChristineMar 25, 2011 08:48:14 AM
    Tell Chris G. that Brookings Institute held stakeholder meeting for the entire State last year. We don't need any more studies. We need acton now!!!!!!!!!
    Katherine Duncan for MayorMar 25, 2011 09:33:19 AM
    May I Join you? (702) 646-0110
    Katherine DuncanMar 25, 2011 08:42:36 AM
    What are your top ten priorites as Mayor of Las Vegas
    Maria HuffMar 25, 2011 05:21:46 AM
    My top 10 priorities as Mayor are: 1. Energy upgrades for every building, putting our trades to work and putting money in your pockets. 2. Maglev-High speed rail 3. Lottery for Education 4. Solar,Wind, Bio-fuel for local business 5. Fill hotel rooms with diverse entertainment 6.Buy-back center for recyclables 7. Hydroponics food growth 8. Inner City light rail 9. Hiring Las Vegas residents first 10. Stop abuse of City funds
    Katherine Duncan For Mayor of Las VegasMar 25, 2011 08:47:47 AM
    Ask the candidates how they plan to solve the problem of adequate resources for the City to operate without layoff? Do you think the present taxation system is equitable, regressive or otherwise? Are you an advocate for home rule, why or why not? The State has the most regressive taxation system in the Country, what do plan to do about it?
    richardMar 24, 2011 19:19:08 PM
    Las Vegas can become a real know the type with quality universities, a light rail system and a vibrant downtown culture? The problem is a lack of real leadership by our past mayor. He was too concerned with bolstering tourism rather than bolstering the actual city. Tourism will always be important but it is time to make Las Vegas a world city that can attract educated people to our city and create a place in which innovation can take place. My question is: Which candidate is willing take a serious leadership role that may include raising taxes to make Las Vegas a world city with a light rail system, vibrant downtown culture and a top ranked education system both K-12 and Higher Ed?
    David K.Mar 24, 2011 10:00:02 AM
    We don't have to raise taxes to build our new transit/rail system. Investors are already interested in financing 100%. I have been seeking them out and we are ready to go. This is a priority to get 90,000 people to work.
    Katherine Duncan for Mayor of Las VegasMar 25, 2011 08:52:51 AM
    Here's a list of concerns I have about Las Vegas: incomplete roads, & medians that prevent left turns, causing unsafe u-turns; inadequate social experience venues for teens; NEED a national sports team, not only good for economy, but good for citizen unity & moral too; we need more shows in Vegas than just Cirque! We need more than half a handful of "Broadway" type venues-Seattle has more than us! This adult playground doesn't provided adequate activity options for FAMILIES that live & work here- only for tourists & gaming industry.
    Robert ScovilleMar 24, 2011 07:26:05 AM
    You are exactly right and that is what "we the people' have been asking. We need a mayor who listens to the people and one who represents our ideas. I will present the Las Vegas Music Awards annually, invite and promote diverse entertainment including spiritual entertainment,support our own local Las Vegas artist, and promote community activities.
    Katherine Duncan for Mayor of Las VegasMar 25, 2011 08:59:03 AM
    All the candidates are promising to reduce unemployment/increase jobs. This seems to be a standard but empty promise based on past political campaigns. What specific actions are you going to take and how will this make a difference?
    Skip McDanielMar 23, 2011 16:21:15 PM
    Our fastest job creating opportunity is in energy conservation. Energy upgrade for every building in Las Vegas will put our building trades to work and put money in your pockets. Energy production includes solar panel manufacturing and installing. Filling our hotel rooms by promoting diverse entertainment. 90,000 jobs with Maglev high speed rail!
    Katherine Duncan for Mayor of Las VegasMar 25, 2011 09:04:16 AM
    Our current Mayor apparently sided with "official" neighborhood associations' ability to prohibit solar roof-top installations because they are "unattractive". Given that we have countless acres of rooftops in America, and NUMEROUS problems with energy sources for producing electricity, any rooftop solar generation seems beautiful to me. What are your stances on this?
    Scott ClemsonMar 23, 2011 16:01:16 PM
    Las Vegas needs a young intelligent visionary in the office of Mayor. There is something fundamentally lacking in this city when we have no one who fills that description interested in leading. Eighteen candidates with not a single real idea to get things moving and moving now. Downtown is downtown not where the folks live and that's where the problem really lies. This city needs to mount a huge campaign to attract mature people to move here. Folks without kids who can gobble up the vast numbers of properties here without burdening the schools. So why aren't we doing that? Answer....too simple. Just common sense. And we don't need an arena. We need to bring people here to live and contribute.
    Ron HirschkindMar 23, 2011 15:53:18 PM
    We need jobs and educated working adults, not just retirees who have higher health service related needs/costs and no personal stake in improving our sadly neglected educational system. We have to invest in education, R&D and diversification to bring these people to Las Vegas/Nevada:
    SaraMar 25, 2011 13:47:50 PM
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