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Municipal Judges Race
Municipal Judges Race

AIR DATE: March 29, 2011

Most candidates in judicial races have trouble getting known and their campaign mostly just sends out mailers near Election Day. The race for Las Vegas Municipal Judge District 3 is somewhat different. The incumbent got his name in the paper more than he would have hoped in recent weeks because of his son's high-profile criminal case and other candidates are making accusations of ethical impropriety against boht the incumbent and other candidates. We meet them all.
Judge George Assad, incumbent Las Vegas Municipal Court, Department 3
Heidi Almase, attorney and candidate for Department 3
Chris Davis, attorney and candidate for Department 3
Dayvid Figler, attorney and candidate for Department 3
Anthony Goldstein, attorney and candidate for Department 3
Nicholas Perrino, attorney and candidate for Department 3
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    I miss Dayvid Figler on the radio. His thoughts on Las Vegas are always insightful. I think he'd do a great job on the bench. Most qualified one of the bunch by far!
    Ted BarkleyMar 25, 2011 15:13:57 PM
    Hedi Almase spoke very well. Good job Heidi. I would vote for you. Good luck!!
    JR HarveyMar 25, 2011 10:30:04 AM
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