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Firefighter's going independent?
Firefighter's going independent?

AIR DATE: March 28, 2011

There's a bill in the Nevada legislature, ASB 278, that will change the way the firefighters do business. If it passes, city and county fire departments can create regional agencies.  In other words, they could operate like Las Vegas Metro Police. This would mean an elected fire chief and no oversight from city or county councils and commissions.  We'll talk to the bill's author, Democratic Assemblyman Richard Segerblom and Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell.
Richard "Tick" Segerblom, D-Assemblyman - Las Vegas
Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission
Bob Cashell, Mayor of Reno
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    Why wouldn't the same model metro uses work for the fire department? Is Sisolak implying that an elected sheriff is more honest an an elected fire chief would be? Maybe we should also consolidate the county and city governments as well. I would vote for that in a heartbeat. Why wasn't there a representative from the fire department to add to this discussion?
    MarkMar 25, 2011 22:10:14 PM
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