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Drivers' Licenses and Graduation
Drivers' Licenses and Graduation

AIR DATE: March 29, 2011

Assembly Bill 64 known as the Graduation Priority Act would make it so that teens seeking to get a drivers license would have to show proof of school attendance or graduation to be allowed to drive. Supporters of the bill say it's aimed at lowering truancy and raising graduation rates by putting incentives on good attendance and grades. But opponents say the plan could back fire and might get kids into trouble with the law more often. The president of the CCSD Board of Trustees joins us to discuss why she thinks the bill will work.
Carolyn Edwards, CCSD Board of Trustees president
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    Comment on your program ,drivers license and school attendent, grades. I believe that the issue is with the parent. How many high school students have the money to purchase a car, insurance, registration,and upkeep. Back in the day parents purchase a car maybe, after graduation, or starting college. But mostly had to use public transportation till they could afford the expense of their own car. This fact alone would keep someone in school.
    Andre BouchardMar 24, 2011 11:30:40 AM
    We're trying to get kids to stay in school. Not every kid is going to go, or wants to go to college. Why does the state and school district put every single child on an academic track. There needs to be good vocational programs to teach skills to students who are not interested in college. These programs need to be offered to students with low GPAs as well. I was a special ed. teacher and I had students who were good workers and would have excelled in a vocational program, but didn't have the grades to attend the technical academies. There needs to be a non-academic option for these kids. Some of these kids are the ones who give up on school. There's nothing there for them.
    SamMar 24, 2011 09:39:19 AM
    Don't the schools have the ability to control parking on premises? My suggestion is that instead of turning this great "carrot" idea in to a criminal punishment idea that the schools only provide premises parking to students who meet the gpa requirements. The idea of making this a law doesn't really seem to account for all of the exceptions out there such as home schooling, early graduation, etc. It would also seem that it would prevent some kids from receiving the proper driver education and licensing which might lead to more teen driving accidents.
    Gary AllenMar 24, 2011 09:31:18 AM
    Since the state is proposing to mandate attendence to and graduation from school in order to obtain a license, will the state also provide drivers education in the schools so the students can learn how to be a good driver? Holding the stick over their heads without offering the opportunity to learn the skills needed to avoid the stick does not make sense.
    Jim in HendersonMar 24, 2011 08:15:40 AM
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