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Peggy Pierce
Peggy Pierce

AIR DATE: March 30, 2011

In Nevada the one word that legislators and the governors have avoided thus far is taxes. Gov. Brian Sandoval pledged to not sign off on any tax increases as long as he is in office. And that's despite rallies and protests from students and other groups who say the governor should relax his no new tax stance. But, one legislator says taxes are what the state needs so let's try and make it happen. Democratic Assemblywoman, Peggy Pierce has introduced a slew of bills that would tax businesses, cigarettes, mining and alcohol. Some Republicans say her bills are dead on arrival. We talk to Peggy Pierce about her bill and why she is the only legislator taking the steps to make taxes happen in Nevada.

Peggy Pierce,  Assemblywoman, D-Las Vegas
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    Does Ms. Pierce even live in her district? Someone should check. She has been a shill for the unions since being elected...Let's hope this career politician is elected out of office....
    challengerMar 30, 2011 06:42:53 AM
    this woman has not a clue about what it takes to run a business or create a job ..Every tax she is talking about puts more pressure on the job market and on the middle class and their ability to createw a real job.Not a govt. job that does not create tax dollars but just recycles tax money . Her ideas will have the effect of killing off already scarce jobs and putting more pressure on the working people of nevada. It is great govt employees.
    bob mccallumMar 29, 2011 09:29:37 AM
    Yes, because being the least-taxed state in the Union has attracted all sorts of business. Let's keep lowering the taxes to keep enticing all the businesses we've welcomed to our great state. Businesses...*quality* business are willing to pay taxes. They seek to position themselves in a place with a high quality of living. This is how they attract top talent. They are willing to contribute to create a high quality of life. By almost every empirical measure, Nevadans enjoy an abysmal quality of life.
    Jack BadlanderMar 29, 2011 10:49:01 AM
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