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Primary Election Results
Primary Election Results

AIR DATE: April 7, 2011

It's been a long and crowded race to the primary for the 18 candidates running to become the next mayor of Las Vegas. We look at the results of the primary race and discuss who has the best chance going into the June general election.
Steve Sebelius, columnist, LVRJ
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    Mr. Sebelius mentioned that he is not in favor of limiting the length of service for Las Vegas Mayor. Personally I don't necessarily disagree with him, however it is limited and if one does not like it, he/she should participated in a democratic process in order to change it. That said, I think that the fact that Mrs. Goodman decided to join the race in the last minute is simply not ethical, limit corrupted way to overcome the term limit. She might be the best candidate (I really don't know her or understand what are her qualifications), but she should have waited at least one term if she really wanted to run as an independent candidate. Running now seems as her husband cannot let go his seat and he pushes her to run so he can stay in power. It reminds me some of the regime in the middle east that just collapsed. What a shame. For that reason only she will not get my vote. best regards
    Rom HendlerApr 6, 2011 10:05:52 AM
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