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Nevada's Hardest Hit Fund
Nevada's Hardest Hit Fund

AIR DATE: April 8, 2011

The federal government has been trying since 2008 to arrest the foreclosure crisis. The goal is to keep homeowners in their homes but the further home prices have fallen, the harder it has been for Nevadans to qualify for federal assistance. Last year, the Obama Administration promised more funds for states like Nevada where homeowners were under water in their mortgages by as much as 160 percent. The Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation is now taking applications for the $194 million available for mortgage assistance.


Lon DeWeese, Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation

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I applied in July, 2012, it's now January 2013. I am still getting the run around even though I qualified. I'm not sure if it's my Silver state credit union who is causing the delay or the fund itself.I do know I am about to lose my house and I have slot of equity in my home. Maybe that is why they want me to lose it. This is very frustrating for me, my wife, and children... HELP////////
ervin howeryJan 28, 2013 15:59:56 PM
We called Nevada's Hardest Hit Funds and we qualified. It took approximately two months, but we were approved for the $500.00 a month toward the mortgage for 6 months. Were ever you received your information from was the wrong information. If you read the information about it, not everyone will qualify.
NancyMay 17, 2011 17:20:28 PM
wheree can i find the REAL criteraia for qulaifying for NV's Hardest Hit funds? Do you have a contact person and phone #??
aster alvendiaApr 16, 2013 00:49:28 AM
re: mary...No the banks or NV's Hardest Hit Fund, will never help underwater homeowners. It's like this, the banks want you to foreclose, because with every foreclosure the banks get bailed out TARP money from the fed gv. They do not want too many short sales or principal reductions, because their books will look's a loser's game and the banks always win...sounds like Vegas odds...everyone do what's best for your family, your health and your wallet...and if it means walking away strategically , well... save your money. What did good credit get any of us anyway?
tomApr 9, 2011 17:51:08 PM
All misleading information. Just called NV's Hardest Hit Fund, April 8, 2011 @8;34 am and talked to representative, "Vicki". Her reply was, "she does not know anything about a principal reduction program right now. SO, KNPR, give the underwater Nevada homeowners, helpful and honest facts. Otherwise you're wasting our time...
challengerApr 8, 2011 08:51:15 AM
Ha! HA! ha ha...Have called Hardest Hit Fund Toll Free number numerous times to inquire about a principal reduction and (Yes, we meet all of the requirements) the response I get is, " call back sometime" Obviously, know one cares about Nevada's hardest hit...
maryApr 7, 2011 07:21:43 AM
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