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HOA Reform
HOA Reform

AIR DATE: April 25, 2011

The Legislature is looking at tightening restrictions on Homeowners' Associations in Nevada. The foreclosure crisis has produced big bills for unpaid association dues and the additional charges for collecting the debts. Investors say it's a rip-off but the homeowners' associations and their collection agencies say they need the money to pay for services and to pay for the bad debts to be collected. So what will happen with the proposed changes to the law?
Assemblyman James Ohrenschall, D-Las Vegas
Chris Ferrari, lobbyist, CHAMP
David Stone, president of Nevada Association Services

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Lakeside Plaza in Reno, Nevada had MILLIONS in damages from embezzlement and fraudulent foreclosures, but no one ever served a day of jail time. Washoe County District Attorney Case # 406537; Reno Police Department Case # 08-031672 Lakeside Plaza monthly dues skyrocketed from $130 to nearly $600 per month due to the embezzlement by the former HOA board president. Fraud victims now have to deal with the aftermath of the fraudulent foreclosures of their homes, lost retirements, lost rental income and derogatory credit - all thanks to HOA CRIMINALS! State of Nevada is NOT enforcing the laws. It's still a Mafia state. Nevada HOAs should be outlawed!
Stop HOA FraudFeb 23, 2013 20:28:31 PM
HOA's are a big scam, HOA's are run by independent third party management companies that dont care about whats going on in the communities all they care about is making money..
joseApr 22, 2011 09:40:22 AM
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