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Goodbye to Gardening?
Goodbye to Gardening?

AIR DATE: April 28, 2011

Governor Brian Sandoval is proposing a 33% cut to the state budget, which means state institutions like the University of Nevada, Reno, have to make cuts. The university may make a 72% cut to its cooperative extension program, which does everything ranging from teaching citizens how to garden, to teaching new mothers about breastfeeding and childhood obesity. That means 13-member departments will be cut to one person.

How will those possible cuts affect the community? And what does that mean for the big multi-acre orchard where neighborhood farmers learn how to cultivate fruit trees, bees, and grape vines? If you use the Nevada Cooperative Extension program, how will the cuts affect you? Call 258-3552, or write to us online at


Angela O'Callaghan, associate professor & social horticulture area specialist, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Jerry Buk, area director, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
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    I wonder what Sandoval would say if the people cut his budget by 72%? Sounds to me like Cooperative Extension is a service for the people... all the people! A $5 book just doesn't cut it, no pun intended. I read magazines and books all the time, but being able to ask a professional a real question, as it pertains to my individual needs, is pretty important to me. I do get Michelle's point, but tend not to agree. There are many other things we can do before axing a valuable resource.
    JoeMay 17, 2011 16:08:34 PM
    From what I see, there's nothing that the Cooperative Extension does that couldn't be cured by one spending 5 minutes with a $5 book. Indeed, to me, their many wasteful, moronic "programs" are far beyond ridiculous. Bottom line, it's an irrelevant, parasitic organization that should be totally eliminated so that any necessary taxes can be spent on things ALL people NEED, rather than on things SOME people WANT.
    MichelleApr 28, 2011 13:34:26 PM
    Amen! It's nothing but waste.
    anonymousJun 6, 2011 10:20:31 AM
    Some might say they have never had need of a firefighter to rescue them from their home, or a sidewalk beautification project to improve their home value, I'm just not willing to take those risks. Rather, these state run programs, especially those which teach us how to improve our own culture, are not lost without severe penalty. What is in that water we drink?, and who will provide the non-profit based research to ensure competition doesn't take advantage of your personal essential needs? What food do we feed the cattle we eat, and what chemicals are safe enough to put on the plants we feed those cattle and ourselves? Cooperative extension cannot be lost!
    MattApr 27, 2011 16:58:05 PM
    Teaching seniors to garden and other such drivel are proper and necessary functions of government that we should all pay for???? You must be kidding! That this ridiculous, totally useless agency was not cut by 100% shows just how out of touch university administrators and bureaucrats are in this age when many people are jobless and taxes keep going up. The Cooperative Extension Service should have been axed years ago.
    RogerApr 27, 2011 12:36:02 PM
    Why not launch an internet or email campaign, use face book or twitter and protest!! It works.
    Diane BruhnApr 26, 2011 17:18:11 PM
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