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Gov. Bob Miller on Education Funding
Gov. Bob Miller on Education Funding

AIR DATE: May 6, 2011

Gov. Bob Miller faced a recession in the early 1990s shortly after he had taken office. But, he says, he insisted on the Legislature funding smaller class sizes for the state's elementary schools. That stands in contrast with the current budget proposals, which might see classes in every grade balloon with the laying off of 1,000 or more teachers in the Clark County School District. Miller rejects those cuts as unfair and damaging to the long term prospects of the state.
Gov. Bob Miller, Governor of Nevada, 1989-1999
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    I always find these discussions so frustrating. Why is so little said about parents and the responsibilities of the family? If parents/guardians aren't doing their job of being the first teacher, children come the school ill prepared and teachers are caught between the expectations of parents and administration and the abilities of the children in the class. On the first day of kindergarten a friend told her child's new teacher she already could read. The teacher responded,"I won't let that bother me." I think this speaks volumes about the rock and hard place teachers find themselves between.
    AmyApr 27, 2011 10:00:54 AM
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