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What are your rights when videotaping police?
What are your rights when videotaping police?

AIR DATE: April 29, 2011

With the recent case of Mitchell Crooks, a Las Vegas resident allegedly beaten for videotaping a Metro Cop on duty, the question has arisen - what are your rights when taping police in action?
We'll look at different laws across the country as well as here in Nevada.  What should you do and not do when a law enforcement agent tells you to stop taping?
Russell Bates, Berkely Copwatch
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    when the tampered with video tape is analagous to tampering with evidence , a felony , a crime , example: erik scott video tape evidence. police collect the evidence and can destroy any evidence. every time . if police donot have probable cause (p c) (must be commiting a felony {terry vs ohio}, to ask any body any questions , and nobody has to anwser any questions , freedom of speech , 1st amendment , the rt to remain silent , example: erik scott video tape evidence.
    the profitApr 27, 2011 09:50:17 AM
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