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To Give or Not to Give Hollywood a Tax Incentive
To Give or Not to Give Hollywood a Tax Incentive

AIR DATE: May 4, 2011

Some folks in Nevada want to see the state give filmmakers more incentive to make movies here.  There are already 44 states with incentives.  Surprisingly, Nevada is not one of them.  Do we assume Hollywood wants to film in Las Vegas?  Are film projects really generating tons of revenue and creating jobs wherever they film movies?
Sherri McConnell, Dir of Entertainment Industry Development, Louisiana Economic Development.
Frank Woodbeck, Dir of Las Vegas Operations and NCED Workforce Initiatives.
Peter Enrich, Prof of Law, Yale University

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Tax incentives are not the answer. We give tax breaks to box stores and in some locations they bank the sales taxes that should go into the community. And, 2 box stores here in Pahrump pay wages that give employees need for public assistance. One casino here is advertising for positions in all areas with the intention of replacing decently paid employees with minimum wages. Hollywood is fickle and I wouldn't enable yet another corporate entity to feed it's self at the expense of the State of Nevada.
MichaelMay 3, 2011 10:42:24 AM
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