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Fighting Fat in Schools
Fighting Fat in Schools

AIR DATE: May 6, 2011

Close to 22% of students in Clark County are obese.  That's higher than the national average which is around 17%.  Some lawmakers are making an effort to tackle this problem and their idea is to ban all Trans Fats from schools.  basically many snacks and fatty foods will be cut from menus and vending machines.  Is this the best way to help kids get lean?
State Senator Greg Brower (Washoe County)
Virginia Beck, CCSD nutritionist
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    My son is 10yrs. old and bec. of my income we do not pay for lunches, however at lease 2 times a week i make him a lunch bec. he does not like the food the school serves (he tells me his friends and himeself rather not eat anything). I think they should work to quality of the food so that the kids do eat it. The guest speaker stated that the school lunch is healty however when the taste is not good so that the children do not eat it, what does it matter?
    angieMay 5, 2011 09:38:44 AM
    Look, Mr Browers lack of support of this bill is just political. It is a means for him to pander to his polical conservative base... "the state can not tell me what to do" base. They have no problems sticking their nose into the bedroom when it comes to abortion etc.
    Will SchroederMay 5, 2011 09:37:50 AM
    All those who are advocating for state legislation to do the parenting FOR them, rather than taking action locally, are the reason these over-fat kids are in this condition. The kids are just mirroring what they see at HOME. It's just much easier and convenient to write an e-mail to your local representative than physically going a local school board meeting.
    Allen HollumsMay 5, 2011 09:33:41 AM
    The school districts can already do this. If it's a good idea to control it by state, why wouldn't it be a better idea to control it federally?
    Gary HoskinsMay 5, 2011 09:27:22 AM
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