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UNLV Designs from Business-Engineering Teams
UNLV Designs from Business-Engineering Teams

AIR DATE: May 17, 2011

UNLV's 2011 Senior Design Competitions pairs engineers and business students together to create and sell a product.  We talk to two teams - one that built a specialty cart for scuba gear, and another featuring a device that pumps out the right scent when you're watching food or perfume on TV.  Can engineers and business people work well together, or are they more successful when they're apart?  And what does it take to carry a product to the finish line and get it on store shelves.


Charbel Azzi, engineering student, UNLV
Chris Powell, business graduate student, UNLV
Sean Daly, engineering student, UNLV

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Charbel is a dear friend of mine,I wish him all the best,he's a great guy that deserve success. Cheers from Italy my friend
AndrewMay 15, 2011 05:30:58 AM
Obviously only men are interested in engineering because who else would discuss such things and smells on a comments section. Gentlemen please get back to your families and let the students use their invention to help society. God Bless.
JoselynMay 12, 2011 22:24:46 PM
If not the pornography industry per se, I see obvious uses definitely at the brothels throughout Nevada.
JohnMay 12, 2011 22:10:41 PM
While some people frown upon pornogrophy, and will clearly attempt to steer the engineering students away from doing business with "The" industry. After consulting with an expert, I conclude Charbel's creation of "Smellavision" will be the next revolution in Porn. MultiBillion $ idea ;--->(o)
Sean May 12, 2011 21:41:47 PM
Just heard that on replay and Sean is 100% right. These kids could have all the great sex smells programed while I'm at home watching geriatric porn. Sin City has the best engineers if they are planning to innovate in the industry. Good luck to the team on their project as well as in having to recording some of these putrid smells.
Farter897May 12, 2011 21:53:42 PM
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