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Medicaid Funding
Medicaid Funding

AIR DATE: May 18, 2011

The Nevada Legislature's finance committees met Saturday to finalize the budget for Medicaid. Like much else in Carson City these days, it looks like cuts. But nursing homes and physicians are saying that this will only further squeeze a stressed system. We hear stories of those who use Medicaid services and those who want some other kind of system to fund health care for the poor.

Marie Dahl, mother of a Medicaid patient
Charles Perry, president and chief legislative liaison for Nevada Health Care Association
Geoffrey Lawrence, Fiscal Analyst, Nevada Policy Research Institute
Dr. Noah Kohn, Pediatrician, Clinics in Schools

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    One way to cut costs is to reduce medicaid fraud. It is way to easy to look eligible for medicaid. As a physician in Las Vegas, I see patients coming in who drive fancy cars, wear high class jewelry and have good jobs, but somehow qualified for medicaid. This is a comple abuse of a program designed to help the disabled and poor. THere are others who were poor and finally started making good money, but are still playing the system and looking poor to get medicaid. There must be an ongoing way to reduce fraud and stop these people from stealing from medicaid. One way to do it is to empower doctors to pickup on red flags and report it to medicaid for investigation. Another way is to have medicaid recipients constantly prove their eligibility. This alone will save the system millions.
    RJMay 20, 2011 00:49:25 AM
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