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Shelley Berkley for Senate
Shelley Berkley for Senate

AIR DATE: May 17, 2011

Rep. Shelley Berkley, the long-time representative of Nevada's 1st Congressional district, has announced that she'll be running in 2012 for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Dean Heller. The Northern Nevada Congressman was recently appointed to replace Sen. John Ensign. We talk with the congresswoman about the deficit and debt ceiling debates in Washington and what she supports as a long-term fix for Medicare and Social Security.


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    Our local politicians have failed us in every possible way. When over 85% of Nevada homeowners are underwater...where's the help. Every time I send my extortion check, excuse me I meant mortgage payment to ? bank. I'm livid that after 15 years of living in my home and always making my payments on time, my neighbor's home is sold at auction at a price from 30 years ago. Las Vegas will never recover. We're a city of pushovers. I don't care about SS or Medicare, it won't be there for me, and the majority of my family members on these entitlement programs can't wait to lose every single penny at the local's casino. gripes...don't get me started
    greybeardMay 18, 2011 07:11:12 AM
    Where will Ms. Berkley get the money for all of her promises. Medicare and Social Security are going broke despite politicians saying that they are fine. Would she eliminate the extravagant retirement program for politicians?
    JamesMay 17, 2011 09:17:14 AM
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