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More on the Ensign investigation
More on the Ensign investigation

AIR DATE: May 18, 2011

The Senate Ethic's Committee report on Sen. John Ensign's affair with the wife of a former aid details how the senator maneuvered money and influence to cover up his activities. The report describes how Ensign, after being warned by colleagues and advisers, continued to pursue his friends wife in an obsessive way. It also lists a number of power political players in Nevada and their involvement in the scandal. We touch more on the details of the report.

Steve Sebelius, columnist, LVRJ
Karoun Dimerjian, political reporter, LV Sun

Allison Dagnes, associate professor of political science, Shippensburg University

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Most politicians are corrupt- they keep proving it themselves. Politicians believe they are outside of the law. The issue is more about getting caught and if the public will forget it. Ensign couldn't do this himself- everyone around him is complicit, and shame on them all.
James May 16, 2011 09:37:09 AM
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