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Redistricting debate heats up and CD2 race gets a ruling
Redistricting debate heats up and CD2 race gets a ruling

AIR DATE: May 24, 2011

The debate over redrawing congressional districts in Nevada is heating up. Last week Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed an initial map created by state Democrats accusing them of drawing districts for political gains. Democrats have since revised their map. Republican's in the legislature also released a map but were denied a hearing by Democrats after failing to release the census data on which their maps were based. Meanwhile a district judge sided with Republicans on the race to replace Dean Heller in Nevada's Second Congressional District. District Judge Todd Russell ruled the state's major parties must hold conventions and nominate one candidate for the race. The case is likely headed to Nevada's Supreme Court. Jon Ralston joins us to discuss the latest in the redistricting debate and the CD2 race.

Jon Ralston, Host, Face-to-Face, KCNV
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    I am sick and tired of political bickering, he said she said, back and forth. The last Senate race was pathetic and embarrassing that adults act like children. Now with the debate over redistricting, Would a possible "fix" or band-aid be to not have a party selection on voter registration cards?
    RyanMay 23, 2011 09:25:03 AM
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