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Make Believe: The World of Teen Magicians
Make Believe: The World of Teen Magicians

AIR DATE: May 27, 2011

Every year, the world's top teen magicians fly to Las Vegas to compete for the title of best youth magicians.  They come from as far as Japan and South Africa.  What tricks are today's top magicians pulling off?  What does it take to be the next Lance Burton or David Copperfield?  Why does it appeal for kids from as far-ranging as Malibu, CA, and rural Japan?  We talk to some of the world's best youth magicians - and stars of the documentary "Make Believe" - about the international appeal of magic, and the secret behind their sleight of hand.
Jeff McBride, professional magician
Bill Koch, youth magician
Krystyn Lambert, youth magician
Hiroki Hara, youth magician and winner of World Magic Seminar Teen Competition

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