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The New Smoking Laws
The New Smoking Laws

AIR DATE: May 30, 2011

Nevada voters banned smoking in bars and restaurants and other public places frequented by children in 2006, right? Sort of. In fact, the initiative did that but only for three years. Right now, the Nevada Tavern Owners' Association and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors' Association are pushing changes that would allow smoking in bars again. Can lawmakers do that to an initiative? And what would the impact of the changes be?
Amy Beaulieu, Dir, Tobacco Control Policy, American Lung Association in Nevada
Steve Sebelius, Columnist, LVRJ

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It's so insane to think that in this day and age, all we want is to be able to breathe clean air and not have someone's addiction blown into our face. Smoking is an addiction. Breathing is a right!
Stephanie May 26, 2011 15:06:17 PM
I am not a smoker but a victum of the law. I had a great job with a great company. i made a great living but with the passing of the law it killed the place i worked. i become one of of those guys pounding the pavement looking for work because the owners could not maintain the revenue level to keep the restaurant/bar open. Let Las Vegas live with the repetution it has earned - Sin City, even for the locals! Somke 'Em if you Got 'Em
tonyMay 25, 2011 22:36:14 PM
I am for the smoking ban and I don't think it currently goes far enough. Most major cites ban smoking entirely from all indoor places and Las Vegas is behind on this issue. I enjoy going to a bar and having a drink without smelling like an ashtray when I leave. If restaurants or bars are closing, it is because of the economy, not smoking bans. Smokers need to quit crying and learn to go outside when they need a "hit". As the famous quote goes, "your rights end where my nose begins".
ShawnMay 25, 2011 10:03:38 AM
This is not about voters changing their minds. It is the lobbyists and "big tobacco" hiding behind behind the ridiculous argument that the right to smoke is in the the constitution.
RyanMay 25, 2011 09:46:39 AM
This law was written by the casinos to BENEFIT casinos; driving smaller gaming establishments out of business.
RyanMay 25, 2011 09:40:50 AM
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