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Dwight Jones
Dwight Jones

AIR DATE: June 1, 2011

On Thursday afternoon, Clark County School Superintendent Dwight Jones rolled out his plan to change the way the district will evaluate student performance.
Jones says CCSD will still use standardized testing, but also individual student progress to evaluate how schools are doing.
The data on which teachers and schools are doing best will then be exported to other parts of the district. Dwight Jones joins us to explain how the new system will work and what parents, students and teachers can expect under the "growth" model.
Dwight Jones, Superintendent, CCSD
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    Mr.Jones If you want help identifying waste, I have been compiling a mental list for the last 18 years that my children have been in class with CCSD; just ask me. Also, the issue of 4 tiered teacher evaluation needs to be handled with mountains less red-tape than exists now. The time wasted now with the No Child Left Behind nonsense has left administrators no time to spend effectively evaluating their teaching staff. I have been working as a parent to get more parents involved at our schools, and there are better ways than on-line surveys to get parent feed back- they know which classes and teachers are just wasting their children's time and which ones are teaching something. If you want parent support there needs to be an "all schools equal" attitude instead of the wealthy schools with more involved parents getting everything they ask for and the less blessed schools getting pushed to the bottom to the lists for things; such as the later start times for High School. Good Luck with these goals.
    Lori F.Jun 7, 2011 11:22:46 AM
    I am very disappointed in the superintendent. I thought he was slightly more intelligent than Brian Sandoval and Michelle Rhee, but I see he is not. This is yet another attack on teachers. In what other profession besides the music industry do the employees receive royalties??? I understand that people don't like the salary schedules, but as of right now that is the only way for a new teacher to have the hope that they can actually make a decent living wage someday through gaining experience and education. The starting salary here is ridiculous. If I were a college student I would not go into this field or work for a district that starts you off so low and makes you work like a slave to earn these morsels they call "royalties". I also want to know why everyone is so focused on teacher accountability? From my time in the trenches I can tell you hands down that 90% of the kids who are doing poorly have no parental support, parents who don't care, or parents who don't value education. Teachers cannot fix that especially when parents and the community do not support us. Try again Dwight. I give you an "F".
    Liz. BMay 27, 2011 18:32:45 PM
    Children should be in levels according to their speed of learning including the ones who are not special needs. These should be in smaller size class regardless of budget cuts. You will find they do better because it is taught at a level they can understand. Not everyone thinks at thinks same level. This has been forgetten over the years.
    BarbaraMay 27, 2011 12:56:00 PM
    You stated wanted parents to feel safe when communicating with the school. I think the issue is parents need to feel there opinions are really wanted. I have always felt raising this genereation that your opinion is only wanted when they want and then it does not realy wanted.
    BarbaraMay 27, 2011 12:52:38 PM
    All I have read is super ficial as far as changes go. STOP TEACHING TO THE PROFIENCY TEST-AND-START TEACHING TO THE SUBJECT AND THEN THE STUDENTS WILL PASS BOTH. STOP making teachers feel if the speak up they will be fired. THIS IS WILL WORK.
    Barbara FortneyMay 27, 2011 12:38:51 PM
    I would like to know if there is any administrative pay cuts? there lots of talk of teacher pay cuts custodial support staff pay cuts and loss of both jobs
    brittMay 27, 2011 09:35:59 AM
    Will elective and non- content area teachers (music, PE, culinary, auto, etc) use pre/post assessments for their evaluations, as well? If so, will these be common assessments district- wide or created by individual teachers?
    Lisa DrakulichMay 26, 2011 21:25:43 PM
    Are you proposing changes to administrator evaluations? Would you support allowing teachers to participate in that process? After all, we are supposed to be a "team". One of the biggest problems in this district are administrators who don't know how to teach, don't bother to evaluate teachers sufficiently, and who still have their jobs. You can't expect fair evaluations from administrators who are poor educators.
    Jon ZetzmanMay 26, 2011 18:23:19 PM
    I don't think the purpose of this interview is about teacher or administrator evaluations. It will focus on how the district evaluates student performance. I understand your concern, though, because it can be worrisome to have an administrator that isn't fond of you even though you are incredibly hard working and effective at teaching.
    Adam TurneyMay 26, 2011 19:18:49 PM
    Is it possible that constant testing has contributed to a lack of critical thinking skills? Students now expect to have some type of an answer provided because of constant multiple-choice assessment. I have seen students constantly struggle with open-ended questions. Why continue down this path?
    Harold NicholsMay 26, 2011 17:14:17 PM
    It would seem likely that the constant testing has lead to lowered critical thinking skills. I often joke that multiple choice tests are really just multiple guess tests for many students (even myself at times). It would seem the reason we continue with these types of assessments are because of time and money constraints. They are quick to take and easy to grade.
    Adam TurneyMay 26, 2011 19:21:27 PM
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