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Carolyn Goodman
Carolyn Goodman

AIR DATE: June 2, 2011

The campaign to become the next mayor of Las Vegas is almost over. On June seventh, Las Vegas voters will decide if it's Carolyn Goodman or County Commissioner, Chris Giunchigliani who will replace Oscar Goodman as mayor. The campaign has taken a negative turn with some harsh political ads from the Giunchigliani camp. And a controversial mailer from the City of Las Vegas touting Oscar Goodman's achievements has been called an unfair boost to Carolyn Goodman's campaign. Meanwhile the city could have a new arena deal in place and city budgets are taking shape for the coming fiscal years at city hall. We'll take one last look at the race for mayor with Carolyn Goodman.
Carolyn Goodman, candidate for Mayor
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    It is an appalling abomination that Mrs. Goodman thinks that the highest jobless rate in the nation is par for course, that the resultant homeless are their own problem alone, that she feels no compunction to merely address truthfully, let alone suggest possible actionable resolutions to, any and all disgraceful problems like these on her husband's record, and what she would do differently. Any other candidate cannot be any more inept nor do any worse than her and her husband have, through their actions and inactions, and therefore at least has a chance to be an improvement. ~Bo Eddi
    Bo EddiMay 31, 2011 09:54:28 AM
    I find it a little blatantly hypocritical that Carolyn Goodman stated somewhere near the beginning of her interview that she's against gay marriage and then proceeded to say in her closing statement that she's for equality for all.
    JamesMay 31, 2011 09:51:38 AM
    Everybody knows that we wouldn't be having a runoff involving C. Goodman if she wasn't the wife of the previous mayor. Why is politics the only area where that seems to function as a legitimate qualification for office? Also, why isn't first-hand political experience valued for political office? What would C. Goodman think of a "career politician" wanting to run her school?
    s. johnsonMay 31, 2011 09:34:31 AM
    I heard your husband on this show say how he has made the Mayor's job a full time position, and his salary went from 40K to over 100K dollars. Since employee's took a large cut in pay, are you going to lower your salary to pre-Oscar levels?? Thank You, Allan
    AllanMay 31, 2011 09:31:21 AM
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