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AIR DATE: June 6, 2011

So you thought public shaming went out of fashion in the Middle Ages. Think again. A new Web site named Cheaterville offers revenge for those whose lovers have left them for others. You can post full name and physical characteristics including hair color and tattoos. Then you can go on to describe your ex's misdeeds. And the run the gamut from affairs at work to tales from Jerry Springer about an angry husband whose ex-wife slept with his teenage son for years.
James McGibney, founder of

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James McGibney has been hurt and finds comfort in the pain of others. Understandable--Misery does love company. By creating a site where others can vent their private hurt as a public assult, he invites like company to justify his own bad behavior. Jamss' Internet response is immature--matching that of his ex's bad behavior--and stooping down to her level leaves me wondering about his maturity in other levels of the relationship. His reaction is revenge by any other name. We can all relate to jilted feelings. One who loves deeply does not escape this earth without brokeness. Still, I defer to the gentility that southern manners dictate: Just 'cause you could, doesn't mean you should. Finding motivation in ugliness does not cheer a heart, and further, it will not change the facts.
Gail CollinsOct 8, 2011 08:13:36 AM
Its funny to watch James McGibney being so insecure. He continues to jump to defend his site when no one has attacked it. James makes it a point to insult Mr. Kalas at every turn while trying to go unnoticed. This brings me to one conclusion, your a 5 year old in a grown mans body, your level of insecurity is astounding. I hope that one day you can realize how childish your actions in this interview were. Know that how you may have tried to insult Mr. Kalas and make him look stupid, you did nothing but make your self look like a imbecile. Any bit of respect i had for you was gone the minute you opened your mouth.
Nick ReiceJun 6, 2011 18:26:00 PM
Nick, you're so right, I'm extremely insecure, thank you for pointing that out. Boy if I didn't know better I'd think you were a therapist. You should listen to the interview again. I was asked to explain why I started Cheaterville, which I did . Mr. Kalas was then asked what he thought about Cheaterville. He preceded to slam my company, even going as far as to say "do I think the site if chiefly used as a tangible database to see if people are cheating, no?" I was bombarded by emails after the interview by people who were pissed off that he would basically belittle what they had posted about an alleged cheater. Not everyone can afford to see a marriage therapist to resolve their issues. And most people, once they discover the affair, have no desire to fix their marriage. So you bet your ass, I did go on the offensive, because I started this website to help the people who have been screwed over by cheaters. At the end of the interview, I had to remind myself of something that quite frankly, I should have thought of during the interview, as a former United States Marine, I fought for Mr. Kalas to have an opinion, and it was wrong of me to be mad at him for his.
JamesJun 6, 2011 20:33:48 PM
What did you want the therapist to say? More pycho babble about how you should be riteous and move on with your lives instead of using a social networking website. I heard the show and a guy called in and said he trusted his wife but he wanted to use cheaterville to talk about the man that has been making advances towards his wife on facebook. You cant drag everyone into a therapy session and expect them to change because some people are just bad seeds. So, why not let the dating pool know how unfaithful they are with a story on cheaterville because thats free and im sure the therapist is a fortune
Brenda WelshJun 2, 2011 16:12:13 PM
Hi Brenda! Psychobabble? What do you mean? Did I ever once use the word "righteous?" I did not. Did you hear me suggest that we should "drag bad seeds to therapy?" Because I didn't. Here's what I said: Using Cheaterville to acquire 'information' about someone is like a 7th grader getting 'information' about a peer in a school cafeteria. Anyone can write whatever they want on this site -- with impugnity. How would you ever know what's true vs. what's gossip vs. what's just plain vindictive falsehood?
Steven KalasJun 4, 2011 08:40:30 AM
I never heard Mr(Dr?) Kalas suggest that the clown emailing the caller's wife should be dragged into therapy. What I heard was a lot of him being interrupted & having words put in his mouth by the creator of Cheaterville. The point I took away was cheating is a violation of the marriage contract, what cheating IS is negotiated between husband & wife, & verbally vomiting all of your anger on might be cathartic for the moment, but what does it really achieve? It gives your personal power to the ass who cheated on you. The goons on "" will read the website looking for partners...that's all. Just get away from the creep and move on.
MotherDragonJun 4, 2011 10:35:55 AM
Never thought about this until I just heard you guys on the radio. The slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" applies for the tourist that come to our town to do all the crazy they dont do at home. This is our home so we dont behave that way. I am not into social networks but I would also like the founder of the site to give more of a chance to the therapist to respond to the questions
MonicaJun 2, 2011 10:27:26 AM
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