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Should Las Vegas Envy Phoenix
Should Las Vegas Envy Phoenix

AIR DATE: June 6, 2011

Phoenix has in recent years become a city where higher education, biomedical research and mass transit have become a focus for state and local leaders. With the development of a light rail system and world class university research the Phoenix area has diversified its economy after years, much like Las Vegas, of being reliant on growth as an economic driver. Michael Squires of the Las Vegas Sun recently wrote an article highlighting how Phoenix was forced to evolve economically because it didn't have an industry like gaming to rely on. Michael Squires and Barry Broome, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council will join us and we  take your phone calls and emails on whether Las Vegas should try and be another Phoenix.
Michael Squires, Asst Managing Ed, LV Sun
Barry Broome, Pres and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

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Before I moved to Las Vegas from Tucson, Arizona,in 2009, my friend told me that Las Vegas is like a "miniature Phoenix." Both my friend and I really like Tucson, so describing Las Vegas as such is not a compliment, but I found the comparison really interesting.
Former ArizonanJun 3, 2011 10:28:34 AM
I heard about an economist who feels America has a fettish with Manufacturing. He feels we should strive to teach & perfect, ourselves, in other areas such as business i.e. logistics and other topics which American's are good at. Therefore, reinventing ourselves should be our main concern. Not gaming or construction which are seasonal. (Does h/ownership probs in Texas during the 90's & in Los Angeles in the 80's come to mind?
Claudia ThomasJun 3, 2011 09:49:03 AM
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