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Guns on College Campuses
Guns on College Campuses

AIR DATE: June 6, 2011

The Nevada legislature is debating a bill that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses.  It's an idea that's being discussed in states such as Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  Utah is the only state that allows guns on campus.  Should students be allowed to carry concealed weapons?  Would it make them safer?  Or would it put others in harms way?

Senator John Lee, D-North Las Vegas
Mark Ciavola, State Chair for the College Republican Federation of Nevada, and Chapter Pres, UNLV
Jose Elique, Police Chief, UNLV


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The Student Rep, Mark Ciavola, was the most rational/logical and well-spoken person on the program. (I'm an Obama fan BTW)
AuntyPalinJun 3, 2011 20:42:49 PM
Foreseeable events hold consequences A 2006 article from a Virginia Tech student is partly why Virginia Taxpayers are paying many Millions for the schools negligence in 2007. Read the article here:
SomeothernameJun 3, 2011 16:14:19 PM
This law appears to be in keeping with the second ammendment. It will make no difference to criminals (they will take weapons when/where ever their crimes will be committed). Our laws and social attitudes shoul allow for law-abiding, responsible citizens with CCW to carry on campus.
Jesse S TaylorJun 3, 2011 11:31:54 AM
I moved to Nevada to work in higher education. If this bill passes, I will immediately seek employment elsewhere. Unacceptable!
Courtney DanforthJun 3, 2011 10:01:29 AM
I think the more appropriate question is, why are the college campuses exempt from the gun laws that apply to the rest of the state?
steve Jun 3, 2011 09:48:50 AM
Host - You are obviously biased against the legislation. There are several comments supporting the Campus Protection Bill and you have not mentioned any of us. You have only Senator Lee and Mark Ciavola in favor of it, and you have stacked the odds against them with multiple anti-gunners. Shame on you. This is why you shouldn't have public funding!
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:43:23 AM
Hi Sarah, The panelist were evenly split: 2 for the legislation, and two against it. Is that not a balanced conversation?

Senator Lee seemed to do fine responding to the concerns, and he received plenty of opportunity to do so. What would have had us do--add even more guests who are in favor of Senator Lee's bill?

Why would that have been fair?

AdamJun 3, 2011 12:35:02 PM
The State Senator should be asked to provide support for the statement that criminals specifically target campuses for crimes. The research that I'm familiar with does not support such a statement.
KendallJun 3, 2011 09:43:06 AM
It is irresponsible to legislate based on an anecdote. Legislators should be saavy enough to look at data instead of writing law based on instinct. Our campuses ate safer than surrounding neighborhoods and a ccw doesn't make someone safer. Don't fix what ain't broken.
william wolfsJun 3, 2011 09:39:08 AM
This is a perfect example of a bill that is out of the focus of the parties that will be affected. Why were students not asked their opinion about this bill? Did Senator Lee not think it was important to find out what students thought about their classmates holding a concealed weapon in the same classroom they are in?
Ricardo CornejoJun 3, 2011 09:38:09 AM
Im against guns and I don't understand the concern that students would have to be trained to be able to handle the stress of having to defend yourself with a gun. But what is the difference from that student having to defend themselves on campus to a person in a fast food restaurant doing the same, they dont receive any training either. I dont think that is a good argument
MonicaJun 3, 2011 09:36:13 AM
You are mistaken Monica. Anyone receiving a CCW in the state of Nevada does have to have training; and I can guarantee they will know more about the law than you do. CCW applicants also have to have training with their firearm on a range. I have seen people denied passage of a CCW class because they couldn't do simple firearm safety tasks. Perhaps, rather than attempting to deny law abiding citizens their right to self-protection because of your fear of firearms, you would be better to utilize your option of choice, and choose not to own a gun. But do not attempt to take my right away because of your insecurities.
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:50:43 AM
The problem with using firearms to deter assaults, is that you have to be able to draw, aim, and fire the weapon before the other person can harm you. In the case of physical assault, you usually don't even have the opportunity to draw because of the proximity of the conflict. Then you have to worry about retaining control of your weapon. If a person is out to do you harm, and You escalate, you can be sure that, given the opportunity, they will escalate as well.
Raphael LewisJun 3, 2011 09:34:52 AM
You cannot leave a Nevada Gun Show without a Federal background check. As usual, the Brady people spin information to scare people.
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:34:49 AM
@ Sara Crusade. In Nevada, (unless I am mistaken) if you buy your gun from a private seller, no background check is conducted, which is the norm is most states. A background check is only conducted when the gun is sold by a federal licensed gun dealer.
Andy PelosiJun 3, 2011 09:53:42 AM
THE STUDENTS ARE AGAINST THIS. Ask us. Ask any student body president.
Justin McAffeeJun 3, 2011 09:33:50 AM
Really - because the President of the College Republicans favors it.... What you mean to say, is ask you - You are against it. As a previous student of CSN and UNLV - I would have loved to be able to protect myself.
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:36:50 AM
Why not have the professors required to go through a course in gun training, and they can then keep a concealed weapon to protect each classroom?
KellyJun 3, 2011 09:33:03 AM
The Supreme Court specifically mentioned schools as an exception to the 2nd Amendment in the Heller case. Crime rates are 10 times lower on campus than elsewhere in the country. Why mess with that? If more guns equaled less crime, the USA would be the safest place in the world.
Justin McAffeeJun 3, 2011 09:22:28 AM
Actually, in FBI studies; cities with supportive gun rights DO have lower crime rates. That's why D.C. had one of the highest crime rates in the county - and the need for the supreme court case. I'm sure if you asked the victims of Virginia Tech they would argue the point that crime rates are lower on campus. As Mark Ciavola stated; campuses are safe - until they're not. Regarding what Chief Elique stated; that having armed students may not have impacted the Virgina Tech - we wouldn't know, since students are currently not allowed to carry on campus.
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:28:31 AM
Chief Elique's main argument -- a weapon doesn't guarantee protection, it might get taken, etc. -- against concealed weapons on campus makes no sense. This is a routine answer of people who just don't like public CCW permits. Frankly, by this line of reasoning, Police shouldn't carry weapons either.
KrisJun 3, 2011 09:20:28 AM
This isn't a hypothetical. It is HIGHLY unlikely that anyone with a CCW can actually prevent a crime. And it is even more likely that someone with a firearm who gets robbed or raped is more likely to get killed going for that gun. There isn't really a situation where you with your gun is actually going to help you or anyone else, apart from you being stuck in a classroom knowing someone else has a gun out on campus. Again, that can make the situation worse and it NEVER happens to anyone apart from 2 examples.
Justin McAffeeJun 3, 2011 09:31:26 AM
Justin McAffee wrote "and it NEVER happens to anyone apart from 2 examples." I think you need to learn what "NEVER" means. You also should wonder how many potential crimes are averted because a law abiding citizen was armed. (I'm an Obama fan BTW)
Aunty PalinJun 3, 2011 20:55:02 PM
I absolutely support the Campus Protection Act. 1. As a 2A issue; our right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, should not stop when a lawfully armed citizen goes on campus. 2. As we have learned, in both the private and public sector, the police are incapable of protecting citizens from harm. As citizens, we need to be able to be self-responsible in protecting ourselves from harm. Kudos to Senator Lee, and all the Senators who passed SB231.
Sara CrusadeJun 3, 2011 09:14:00 AM
Rep. Lee just made an interesting point. [Neither he or other legislators have reached out to student groups or others to ask if they want concealed weapons on campus]. This is what is happening in many states around the country - higher ed officials,faculty and many students don't want guns on campus, which begs the question, why are these bills being introduced?
Andy PelosiJun 3, 2011 09:12:06 AM
The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus opposes arming students, faculty and others. 26 states prohibit guns on campus, while 23 states leave it up to the schools to determine their weapons' policies (including NV), with almost all schools saying no to guns. In 2011, at least 10 states have already said no to guns on campus bills.
Andy PelosiJun 3, 2011 09:03:47 AM
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