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Cinekink and Sex in Film
Cinekink and Sex in Film

AIR DATE: June 8, 2011

Cinekink kicks off this weekend.  That's the film festival that explores alternative sexuality - BDSM, transsexuals, and the ultra kinky are normal fare at this festival.  But what is the artistic value of sex in film?  Is it possible to cross the line by being too erotic?  Cinekink's founder and other experts weigh in. 
Lisa Vandever,  Founder, Cinekink
Lynn Comella, Prof,  Women's Studies Department, UNLV
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    I'm really happy we have something like this in Las Vegas. I'm from San Francisco, which has a lot of sex-positive people, events, etc. I was a little disappointed when i moved here and noticed the very narrow sexual culture the professor was describing. I feel the more we normalize and make sex a comfortable subject we can discuss publicly, the less dysfunctions we'll see in our own lives. Repression only causes people to act out in negative ways. I'd love to see something like the Folsom Street Fair here. We could use some sex-positive sex stores, like Good Vibrations or Stormy Leather that have good quality, safe products and workshops. I'm glad we have the Erotic Museum, but it could use some money and better curation. It has lots of potential.
    IvanJun 10, 2011 13:07:57 PM
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