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Indoor Smoking Ban
Indoor Smoking Ban

AIR DATE: June 8, 2011

The voter approved indoor smoking ban is being challenged by the tavern lobby.  But, does it have enough to pass?  And, does it mean that Nevadans have changed their minds about banning smoking inside some establishments?
Roger Sachs, Pres, Nevada Tavern Owners Assn
Amy Beaulieu, Dir, Tobacco Control Policy, American Lung Assn of NV
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    There are decades of research showing the harmful effects of secondhand smoke -- how can we continue to "debate" whether we should be protecting public health? It's not just children who are impacted by smoke -- what about workers who spend 8-hour shifts breathing cancer-causing chemicals? This is a health issue and EVERYONE deserves the right to breathe clean air. No one should have to sacrifice their health for a paycheck.
    Sarah Davis Jun 8, 2011 06:29:28 AM
    I grew up in Las Vegas and have been a smoker for 15 years. My wife is a respiritory therapist and we have a 2 year old daughter. Although I do not smoke inside or around her, I know the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand smoke is horrible for her. That being said, I think you know what you are getting when you patronize a tavern. Alcohol, smoking and gambling. It has been that way since taverns first came around. I do understand the health benefits of the ban, but I also believe that, as an adult, you make a choice to go where you want to go and you deal with the risk/reward of that place. Would you go to topless club for the wine, then try to make them stop having nudity? There are many places to go in this city that serve food and have smoke free gambling. You also chose where you want to work. I know the economy is bad, but I am welder and breathe more crap than any tavern. If I don't like it, I will find another job. Don't use the economy as an excuse for "trapped" workers. You make your decision, as an adult. You deal with it.
    Paul MatijevichJun 7, 2011 11:25:05 AM
    First, let's nominate you for father/husband of the year. You know your smoking is bad for your family yet you continue to smoke. SMART! Your reasoning is also flawed. Should we tell miners that cave-ins are part of the job, so deal with it or find another job? How about safety issues and construction workers? Should they find a new job too? Smokers do have a right to smoke, but that right ends when it affects someone else's right to breathe. A bar tender or server are not less valuable than other workers.
    Michelle PhelpsJun 9, 2011 13:57:32 PM
    I'm a non-smoker and against laws to affect smoking bans. The affect in my area was to lose the ability to eat while drinking and gambling. If you don't like smoke, to to non-smoking businesses. If there is enough demand, then eventually they will all be non-smoking. Isn't that the capitalistic way?
    Gary HoskinsJun 7, 2011 10:54:05 AM
    Re: further weakening the indoor smoking ban Once again Nevada takes a decisive step back toward the dark ages. The voters approved an indoor smoking ban, and if that ban had teeth and were applied across the board, no exceptions for gambling anywhere in the state, smokers would do what they've done in every state that has passed such a ban: they would simply go outside. Bars and restaurants in California, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, everywhere, are right back to their pre-ban business levels. As it is, the places that allow smoking don't get my business; I guarantee I'd spread my business around if I didn't have to avoid smokers.
    Jeff (Jeffrey L. Johnson)Jun 7, 2011 10:50:13 AM
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