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The Weiner Scandal: Politicians and Responsibility
The Weiner Scandal: Politicians and Responsibility

AIR DATE: June 10, 2011

Democratic representative Anthony Weiner from New York admitted to sending lewd photographs of himself to other women.  One of them is a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.  We talk with Las Vegas Sun reporter Karoun Demirjian about the latest political scandal linked to the Silver State.
Karoun Demirjian, reporter, LV Sun

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I cannot possibly stress enough my disappointment at SON;s decision to cover this topic. This is a national issue, not a local issue (unless you happen to live in NY). You are clutching at straws if you think that the loose ties you used in your teasers(one of the women--whose name you decided to release along with the hotel in which she works--is a Las Vegan; how does this situation differ from Ensign's?)I repeat you are clutching at straws if you think this makes this a local issue. Is KNPR now just going to follow the salacious national headlines? Was there no news of local interest? Is it deciced and has it been publically announced how long Ballys will be permitted to leave theat eyesore Eschelon standing? Did you read the last page of the hiking issue of Desert Companion? Did you think to bring in Branch Whitney, the head of the hiking group to which he refers (members several thousand, I believe), and a member of the BLM? Leave out of state senators to TOTN, ATC and morning Edition. Faithful Listener, Marc Wohlwill
marc marcJun 8, 2011 17:04:30 PM
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