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The Future of UNLV
The Future of UNLV

AIR DATE: June 15, 2011

The Legislature has agreed on a higher education budget and while it's better than originally planned, it's still will require further cuts. Nine departments and eighteen degree programs will disappear from UNLV. So is the school planning on implementing the cuts? And how should the school approach the cuts? We talk with UNLV President Neal Smatresk and a LVRJ columnist Glenn Cook - who has criticized the current approach taken at UNLV.

Neal Smatresk, Pres, UNLV
Glenn Cook, columnist, LVRJ

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Neal Smatresk & Michael Bowers are not capable of running a day care let alone a University. YOU SCARED PEOPLE into illegally voteing for you for president, supposedly for the sake of saving money. Well we got what we pay for! You are a coward Sir, and embarass the entire State. Go away, stop exploiting the University, for your personal benifit. Praise God for he shall deliver you unto your just do.
SeanJun 14, 2011 21:17:28 PM
As a teacher and grad student in Las Vegas, today's program is frustrating. Representatives from CCSD are saying that it's important to better serve our ELL students, and yet the budget cuts directly prevent us from doing so. The reduction of ELL facilitators in schools reduces support for ELLs in the classroom. Reduction of staff development time gives teachers fewer opportunities for training in differentiated instruction. The pay cuts make it more difficult for teachers to pay for the training they need. Add a big tuition hike at UNLV on top of that, and you have a serious roadblock to teacher training!
Vera S.Jun 14, 2011 10:32:46 AM
I'm very concerned about the violence and underage drinking that takes place on a regular basis at UNLV home football games on the Star Nursery field at Sam Boyd Stadium. Its not uncommon to see people beating each other and high school age kids drinking and vomiting throughout most of the Star Nursery field before and during football games. Towards the end of last season I started bringing my family back to the home games because I saw that more police officers were hired to keep the peace and these problems dissipated. With the budget cuts that are taking place, will there still be the same number of police officers to keep the peace at those games? I don't want to take my family to those games again if the violence and uncomtrolled underage drinking is allowed to return.
William HiltonJun 14, 2011 08:55:58 AM
Yes Bill. When YOU vote for LOWER TAXES, YOU get less government. That means fewer State employees policing your neighborhood. If you are concerned for your safety, buy a gun.
SeanJun 14, 2011 20:49:49 PM
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