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Mormons and the Republican Party
Mormons and the Republican Party

AIR DATE: June 16, 2011

New York Times columnist Timothy Egan wrote last week of former U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman's prospects in the Republican presidential primaries: "Were he a Jew, a woman, a Catholic or a black, Huntsman would not face the kind of suspicion that the Republican electorate has for Mormons." Mitt Romney, he says, will face the same kind of skepticism from evangelical Christians. So why does this persist? Is it important? Can members of the LDS Church overcome this unofficial religious test?
Timothy Egan, columnist, Opinionator,
Joanna Brooks, writer for Religion Dispatches

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I'm voting for the Stormin Mormon's. Romney for POTUS, Huntsman for VP and Jimmer riding shotgun...
joseph youngJun 17, 2011 20:06:07 PM
My concern centers around having a Prsident who honestly belives the fables that the Mormons base their religion apon.
PaulJun 17, 2011 19:00:23 PM
Nonsense. You need to look at what the person has accomplished in their career. What about their ethics, credibility, honesty, can they work with the opposition, are they deal makers. What about their domestic, foreign policy. Are they good for the country. That is what important, not what their religion is.
Robert WesthoffJun 20, 2011 09:37:37 AM
My experience has been horrid with Mormonism. It's a business and has been filled with deception since its inception. Joseph Smith was either a true prophet or was one of the biggest frauds ever to walk the planet and unfortunately all the facts point to the latter no matter how people's feelings and faith contradict it. Feelings and faith do not trump facts. The internet will provide more and more information that will lead to an eventual mass exodus. I'm not sure when but I'm predicting it.
David TownleyJun 17, 2011 09:28:25 AM
Have you attended a Mormon Sunday service? Have you gone to a Mormon church on a Wednesday night when the teenagers meet there? Have you attended early morning scripture study with Mormon high school kids? The focus of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is Jesus Christ. His life, his teachings of love & helping others, the atonement of our sins and the resurrection - which gives us hope beyond this life. Comments like "It's a business" and "all the facts" are said out of ignorance or hatred. All the facts, I imagine, include all that the LDS Church does? Examples: Providing access to clean drinking water to four million Africans in 17 countries through Mormon humanitarian efforts. And helping 34,000 physically handicapped African kids get wheelchairs through the same Mormon-sponsored program. Yes, the LDS faith has additional scriptures - namely the Book of Mormon. Yes, the LDS followers believe God still uses a prophet. And those "facts" trump your anti-Mormon "feelings." PS: Now we will wsee if your prophetic prediction of a "mass exodus" will come to pass.
Ducky RobertsJun 17, 2011 10:15:19 AM
i have a long mormon heritage, over 150 years. my great-great-grandfather is quoted often in the church's ensign magazine. i played piano for the relief society for 7 years. i have been on the the relief society board. i would say about 10-15% of the members are regulars....that's all. both of my sons are christians, never once baptised in the mormon faith. honestly, did not want my sons to grow up with so much convoluted spiritual baggage...
emmaJun 16, 2011 17:56:13 PM
What has your heritage or playing piano for a relief society to do with a person that runs for political office? Are you saying all Catholics vote for a Catholic candidate, all Jews vote for a Jewish candidate etc. God forbid. Look at what each candidate stands for. What are their points of view about topics that you are concerned about? And vote for that person that you agree with and leave religion out of it.
Robert WesthoffJun 20, 2011 09:45:54 AM
The Mormon faith is a very tight group from my experience growing up in southern Idaho. When President Kendedy ran there were questions floated about his Catholic faith and whether he would report to the pope first. He completely took the wind out of that arguement with his speech on religion. Can Romney do the same?
jackieJun 15, 2011 21:36:33 PM
My only negative issue with the Mormon faith was the $25+ million spent in California against gay marriage. I want all religion out of politics.
ravenJun 15, 2011 11:00:02 AM
As a member of the faith I've always been nervous about aligning with a group that used to and often does persecute our faith. We join up to reduce rights for homosexuals. We join up to vote for measures that allows wire tapping of Arab Americans. If we stay on this path who says that down the road the evangelicals we align with and put into power won't try to take away our rights.
ChrisJun 15, 2011 10:49:57 AM
My thinking is that anyone who is LDS should eschew the Republican Party, especially considering their bias against Mormons. But having lived in Utah for 28 years I can understand why they identify closely with the party. Mormons generally are very conservative. Finding liberals or moderates in Utah can be an exercise in futility. It is interesting that Senator Harry Reid is Mormon but you will find instances in which he votes like a Mormon. He must feel anguish when he has to vote on social issues such as abortion, which like the Catholic Church is absolutely opposed to any form of abortion and even birth control. I recall a statement by a prominent member of the Mormon Church who stated that it is OK to be a Mormon and a member of the Democratic Party. It must have sounded like heresy to many Utahns. Yas
YasJun 15, 2011 10:42:21 AM
13% would be 50,000,000 mormon in the US only about 10 times the true number
TahJun 15, 2011 10:15:53 AM
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