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What's Inside Nevada's Time Capsule
What's Inside Nevada's Time Capsule

AIR DATE: June 17, 2011

Construction workers in Reno discovered every historian’s dream last month, when they dug up the city's 1965 time capsule.  So what did they find inside?  And if we made a Nevada time capsule today, what would you put in it?  What represents our state today, with its economic troubles, Strip entertainment, and people?  Our historians present their wish lists - what's yours?

Ricard Torres-Mateluna, Museum Educator
Terry Lee Wells, Nevada Discovery Museum

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My only comment involves the form in which the information is left in the capsule. Not sure when the capsule would be opened but.....if CDs become like 8-track tapes (and it looks like they will), there may not be CD players to play the info. I suggest a mix of digital media (with a web link for this portion) and then some tactile items and some things on paper.
Ken MannJun 20, 2011 13:20:03 PM
For the time capsule: A copy of real estate listing mags from 2007 and 2011 with descriptions and prices (to tell about our bubble). Print outs of facebook pages, google search results, Ebay. A light bulb from Fremont Street experience and photos of what it did. one of those mini "Welcome to Las Vegas" flashing signs.
Reco NJun 20, 2011 10:53:44 AM
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