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Clark County Demands a Refund
Clark County Demands a Refund

AIR DATE: June 20, 2011

Clark County officials are demanding the state refund about $102.5 million that was diverted to state coffers over the past two years. The demand comes on the heels of the Nevada Supreme Court's decision that the state unconstitutionally took $62 million the the county's Clean Water Coalition in 2009. A strongly worded letter from the county to State Treasurer, Kate Marshall demands money be returned that was taken over past two years but Marshall has handed the demand off to the state Attorney General. County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak and Nevada Assemblyman, Tick Segerblom join us to discuss how the state and county might proceed.
Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner
Tick Segerblom, Nevada Assemblyman
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    Tick: Home rule for taxation would be a disaster. It would give the right to the County Commission to raise taxes with 4 votes (out of 7). This would be easily achieved and defeat the basic principle on which the US government is based: SEPARATION OF POWERS. There would be nothing standing in the way of these 7 people taxing us to death. Today the State of Nevada stands in their way. In fact, 2010 provided an example of what the Commission will do with such powers: The 2009 Legislature gave it the ability to increase fees and penalties without limit. Virtually every imaginable fee was increased and if every new penalty were enforced the County would be collecting billions of dollars (or have us all in jail). ONE absurd penalty alone--the $1000 per day penalty against home owners for code violations ranging from overgrown grass through every imaginable defect which a house can have--could be applied against 70% of the houses in Clark County. That amounts to about $200,000,000 per day assuming these properties have only one code violation!! That's about $70B per year and approaches the Gross Product of Las Vegas. This is already out of control government. No more, please
    ed uehlingJun 17, 2011 10:23:05 AM
    Thank you Steve and Tick!! However, there is no shortfall of revenue; there is a gross excess of expenses (especially those caused by government unions). The revenue of the state is reflected by the financial disaster created by the government and its coziness with the banks. This has resulted in government wages and expenses which far exceed those of the private sector. Increasing taxes on the productive private sector (other than mining, which is another story) is totally unsustainable.
    ed uehlingJun 17, 2011 09:51:00 AM
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