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Byron Georgiou's Finances
Byron Georgiou's Finances

AIR DATE: June 21, 2011

Democratic Senate Candidate Byron Georgiou has hit some rough in both his business and personal life. He says that only makes him better qualified to represent Nevadans in the United States Senate. So what exactly were the problems? And do these financial issues make him an odd choice for the Financial Inquiry Commission? And what about the other representatives carrying heavy debt loads.
Karoun Demirjian, Washington, D.C., reporter, LV Sun

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It should be noted that the Sun's primary objective is identical to that of Rep. Berkley. Hank Greenspun's heroic role in rescue of Jews being persecuted in Europe and in the establishment of the State of Israel is a story of unbelievable vision, courage and genius. Brian's, Shelly's and the Sun's disgusting roles in building, maintaining, and even enhancing the apartheid regime against the Palestinians are the polar opposites of Hank's.
ed uehlingJun 17, 2011 09:40:45 AM
How much of this reporting on behalf of Shelly Berkley (sp?) is related to her number one job of making sure that US foreign policy, including its wars, is run by the Israeli government? Will someone please discuss this possibility? The continuation of our role as mercenary for Israel first seems to be her main purpose for being in the Congress.
ed uehlingJun 17, 2011 09:15:42 AM
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