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License Plate Scanners
License Plate Scanners

AIR DATE: June 22, 2011

The Henderson police are patrolling with a brand new device: a license plate reader. The machine scans nearby cars and runs them through a database to check for stolen vehicles and other violations. Henderson police have already nabbed one man with a stolen car. The police say it's an efficient way to crack down on crime. But some say it's an invasion of privacy, and that the whereabouts of innocent citizens can be tracked. Do you support license plate readers? Or do you think they're an invasion of your privacy?

Chief Jutta Chambers, Chief of Police, HN PD
Maggie McLetchie, Legal Dir, ACLU SN
Sgt. Dan Gomez, Sr Sergeant of Technical Technologies Unit, LAPD

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The "potential" for abuse?! Get serious. Centuries of history show that *always* political and police power are abused, and *always* to the absolute maximum extent possible. Laws and regulations will have no effect on how the data is really collected and used. Welcome to the 21st century police state, where police prey on us rather than protect and serve us. And, by the way, if you're worried about your car being stolen, that's what insurance is for.
Tom B.Jun 22, 2011 13:41:06 PM
In my estimation you don't have any expectation of privacy in public, that includes a public roadway or a public area.
BartJun 21, 2011 14:22:20 PM
I think theyre Great!! With google maps, Facebook places and Foursquare there is already and oversharing population giving up their privacy. I am wondering are these cameras as effictive and night? What about the license plates that drivers put lenses covering over their plates are the cameras confused by that?
KevinJun 21, 2011 09:35:28 AM
Sorry, your Big Brother scare tactic is going too far. These license plate scanners are a great idea, and it is not the officer "using" it, it is the computer comparing a number to a database, DMV (?), and the officer is alerted only if there is a flag. Yes, efficient and SAFER!
RyanJun 21, 2011 09:23:37 AM
There's a reason license plates are on the outside of our cars, folks: It's so that police can easily look up drivers' info and so that the public can easily report problems. If you're not breaking the law, if you don't have outstanding warrants or haven't stolen the vehicle you're driving, then you shouldn't have a problem with this. Me, I'm totally fine with this if it means one less threat on the road or if it were to return a stolen car to its rightful owner.
Pj PerezJun 21, 2011 07:48:04 AM
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