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Can the Las Vegas Monorail Survive Bankruptcy
Can the Las Vegas Monorail Survive Bankruptcy

AIR DATE: June 23, 2011

The Las Vegas Monorail has struggled for much of its life. Now it's on life support. The company is in the bankruptcy court and set to cut 90 percent of the debt - the money it borrowed to build the line. It needs to be able to shed that debt to be in a position to raise another $12 million by 2019 to expand the system and do structural maintenance. So what is the future of the Las Vegas Monorail Company?
Steve Sebelius, Columnist, Las Vegas City Life and member of KLAS Channel 8's I-Team
Wendell Cox, Wendell Cox Consultancy

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The rail system is a joke. It doesn't go to the airport, nor does it offer the people who live and work here an option. Does it go to the east or north side of town where many of the casino works live. And $10 or $12 to ride, I'd take a cab as well. Also to compare the system to the monorails at state line, City Center of Luxor - those are free and co to the same owned casino.
Gabe GarciaJun 22, 2011 10:56:46 AM
Your EXPERT the monorail is very misleading. He is a very right wing "Heritage Foundation" cheerleader/member. He should have been further identified as such by the radio announcer to help listerners understand where he was coming from in his perspective. The "experts" comment regarding the high speed rail and the Florida governers cancellization of that project was "BS". He should have been challenged on that. There is a different opinion on this project that was not presented. He comments on the location of the rail system and its' potential extension to the airport indicates to me that he has limited knowledge of the Las Vegas transportation system.
Will SchroederJun 22, 2011 09:39:03 AM
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