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Mark Amodei's Chinese Ad
Mark Amodei's Chinese Ad

AIR DATE: June 24, 2011

Nevada GOP Chair Mark Amodei recently snagged his party's nomination for the Congressional District 2 race.  But his new campaign ad places China in a questionable light.  It features a fake Chinese news report where a Chinese newscaster glows that "as the [US] debt grew, our fortune grew." Then Mark Amodei says, "It's not too late to stop this nightmare."  Some critics have called the ad "racist" and his tactics "fear-mongering."  So who is Mark Amodei appealing to?  And will this ad help or hurt his campaign? 
Anjeanette Damon, Political Reporter, LV Sun

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The Russians are coming! the Russians are coming! A a a a, I mean the Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming!
KirkJun 22, 2011 16:22:04 PM
What a right wing zenophobic ad? This could be a Sharon Angle ad. I hope both Asians and the Hispanic population get a good look at this ad. I am sure it will help him with the Tea Party however any one with common sense that takes a good look at this man and see his narrow mindset. He wants to be elected, period.
Will SchroederJun 22, 2011 09:52:00 AM
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