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Girls Rock!
Girls Rock!

AIR DATE: July 1, 2011

Heather Rampton grew up playing the drums. Kids would tease her about being a girl in a rock band. So when she became a teacher and heard about the chance to open a Vegas band camp for girls, she jumped at it. She now runs Girls Rock Vegas, a summer camp where girls can strap on a guitar or go wild on the drums. Their bands include "Zombie Unicorns" and "Shredding Skittles." Heather and some of her young bandmates talk about writing songs, and why rock-n-roll really is a girl's world.
Heather Rampton, Nevada Teacher of the Year & founder of Girls Rock Vegas
Jesse Rosenberg, 11-year-old guitarist, Girls Rock Vegas
Mary Kray, 13-year-old drummer/singer, Girls Rock Vegas

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Hey, Jesse, you don't sound like no 11-year old. You're so, if you will... ARTICULATE. We don't hear your music on the interview but we sure hear YOU! If you don't become a musician, or maybe after you've become a musician, you can run for whatever office you please or be a spokesperson for any issue you care about. NPR anyone?
LindaJul 3, 2011 15:37:31 PM
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