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Las Vegas - the gay honeymooners paradise?
Las Vegas - the gay honeymooners paradise?

AIR DATE: July 6, 2011

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is jumping on the bandwagon.  Now that New York allows same sex marriage the LVCVA wants to promote Vegas as the gay and lesbian honeymoon destination.  But, some in the gay and lesbian community say "too little too late."  We'll ask if Vegas can become a destination for gay honeymooners even if Nevada still doesn't allow gay marriage.  And, what could that mean for the economy?
Steve Freiss, Freelance Journalist,
Terry Wilsey, travel agent, A Answer on Travel
David Parks, Democratic State Senator from Las Vegas
Mya Reyes, Director of Diversity Marketing for the LVCVA 
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    Gay marriage, no less than polygamy, ought to be a Federal, not a State issue. If the voters of Nevada approved of polygamy the law would be struck down. I agree that wasting money to overturn the "marriage protection" bill is stupid, the Federal courts will make a ruling, and when they do the issue will be decided throughout the USA. The marriage protection bill passed in NV because of the large LDS constituency, who turn out and vote!
    Robert BurkhartJul 5, 2011 11:29:15 AM
    Since the Prop. 8 fiasco, the LDS church has supported gay rights legislation in Salt Lake and then about 10 other cities. Maybe, someone in Nevada should bring LDS people of this state up to date.
    Ed UehlingJul 7, 2011 09:19:22 AM
    Before Mya became the Diversity Marketing Director, people at the LVCVA information desks (at least in Las Vegas and Jean) knew virtually nothing about venues of interest to gay visitors. Publications designed for gay visitors were hidden in the back closet in at the Las Vegas information desk. While the LVCVA has presided over a significant DECREASE in visitors since 2007 and inconsequential single digit increases in 2011 (compared to the disastrous 2010), Mya has produced triple digit increases in GLBT visitation since 2007!! Perhaps even more important she has had no reluctance to conduct her promotional efforts in full public view.
    ed uehlingJul 5, 2011 09:54:47 AM
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