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State Parks Looking for Funding
State Parks Looking for Funding

AIR DATE: July 8, 2011

Nevada's 25 state parks are going to have to look to some new sources for funding.  By 2013 the general fund support for state parks will drop to 3.3 million dollars down from 8.5 million dollars in 2008.  So how do the parks make that up?  Open up stores, put up vending machines and set up campsites.  What would Nevada lose if state parks had to close?
David Morrow, Nevada State Parks Director

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The idea of being powerless of the future for my children is frightening. I have spoken to several friends of mine and we all agree that we wouldn't mind paying slightly higher taxes if we were allowed to select were that money is applied. I wish there were a way to donate or deposit money from my paycheck. I have the option to add retirement funds to my check. Why not education and parks?
LeslieJul 6, 2011 10:23:34 AM
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