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AIR DATE: July 14, 2011

After several controversies and harsh criticism from the public and County Commission, UMC CEO, Kathy Silver announced her resignation from the county's only public hospital in May.
Brian Brannman, who served as COO under Silver was announced as her replacement on July 1. Brannman's experience in the medical field include stints as president and Commanding Officer of Navy Medicine West and Commanding Officer of Naval Medical Center in San Diego, Calif. Brian Brannman steps into a position where his two predecessors battled massive budget problems and a County Commission that's struggled to find a way to make the hospital fiscally solvent while still providing indigent care for the public.
Brian Brannman joins us to discuss his vision for UMC's future.
Brian Brannman, CEO, UMC
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    Thank you for your time. I am grateful to hear the new vision for UMC. It really is the center of Las Vegas according to jobs and traffic statistics in this last decade.
    John PerazzoJul 14, 2011 07:12:25 AM
    I continue to be amazed that UMC has done so little to become a Medical Center actually working as a University Teaching Hospital. Right now, to me, they are mis-named. They are nothing more than the Clark County Indigent Hospital. I can see the number of indigent patients being a great training ground for new MDs because there they will see medical issues and disease not commonly seen in the wealthier client base all new doctors will have to build, if they ever hope to pay of their Med School Financing debt and start making a living.
    Charles ParkerJul 13, 2011 11:06:42 AM
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