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Ghosthunters in Nevada
Ghosthunters in Nevada

AIR DATE: July 15, 2011

Doors slamming when no one is in the room. Voices whispering when everyone is asleep. Do you believe in ghosts? Kelly and Diana Elkins certainly do. They're part of a paranormal investigation team, recording with full-spectrum cameras for hours to catch activity. They're one of multiple teams around Southern Nevada that do this. These groups join us to talk about whether ghosts are real, the things they have seen, and how they deal with disbelievers.
Kelly Elkins, co-founder, Paranormal Investigation Team of Nevada
Diana Elkins, co-founder, Paranormal Investigation Team of Nevada
Brian Purdy, founder, Elite Vegas Paranormal Society
Wallie Luna, founder, Las Vegas Paranormal Authority

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PIOCHE HAUNTED HOSPITAL, CLOSED FOR OVER 60 YRS. BEDS, SURGERY, BIRTHING EQUIPMENT STILL THERE. First come First served for the best dates. Just opened and 60 plus years of dust is being scrubbed down. the is a great find and now available on a limited opportunity. Today we locked in with the owner a offering of up to 8 person weekend investins at one of the most Haunted Places ever found. We have already heard from a few companies for information after being very secretive for the past 4 months. There are 8 entities on the top floor and over this weekend I found out one resident has thought she was in Purgatory for the last 50 years. She is now in a different Spiritual world. This Hospital, closed the doors, locked the locks and left all the original equipment sitting. Some looting has gone on, they could not get the X-Ray Machine out the Door. The Surgery and Birthing rooms are complete with beds of different ways to cause pain. Oxygen tanks and laughing gas is available if you are not having enough fun. There has been only 2 investigations, each for 2 days per floor and it is a small Hospital. Further info 775-751-3551
Richard WeaverAug 5, 2012 19:41:36 PM
Well folks, I worked for over a week to clean the crap off the floor, 300+ I am told I walked the halls with them in a single floor mini tour.. It was haloween and I added some bones and busted my butt to shine up the place. Oh ya I forgot, I was the Tour Director. The owner that was going to help found computer games much more enlightning. But then with a Bar right next door, a little slot playing and free drinks.. why work if you don't have to. To end a lot of work and a lot of time, I was told to leave... No reason, this is the 2nd time I had tour groups lined up and he locked me out. I had to wait for the police to come and stand guard while he sat and said UHHHH I don't know what happened to that.. The local Sherif asked me if a 38 cal revolver was mine, which means he went through my belongings and stole what he wanted. what he didn't know was So the sherif in Pioche will hold on to it until I can find the bill of sale..Cost more in Gas to return to the dump then just let it be in the way. So if you want to make the trip, don't bother. The last group that was planed to investigate, drove over 1000 miles round trip to be locked out. Plus the Asbestos falling from the ceiling..
RichardJan 2, 2013 18:17:40 PM
To answer your question, I belong to one of these groups. In our group we have nurses, paramedics, social workers, etc. I, myself have a masters degree and have science background as do my co-investigators. We know that in order to prove something in the scinece realm, you have to be able to prove it and then replicate it. We know this will probably never happen, but we have fun trying! And, if you ever want to go out with us and see and hear what we do, you'll be suprised!
GhostgalJul 19, 2011 14:58:53 PM
Well education, I hold 2 dr's, one masters in engineering, I worked for UPS, I was a church minister for over 10 years. My daughter and I have been to every Ghost Town in 7 states, I work for buena Vista, who retains the recordings, they are documented with the special copmputers at Loma Vista. Usually I only get a print out. The boy in our 1st visit in the 30 degree hospital the FLIR had him @ 17 degrees, he became scared, wraped his arms around my leg and froze the skin. It is going on 6 months, you can still see his hands and it still has not healed. I think we got one good case here. This trip used 3 DVR's, A R@ vocal board,4 special Mics and over 2000' of line.3 omputers a Marlyn Monroe movie. A(prev requeast)all the cameras are full sony chips 540 hd. use r59 cable,a master voltage conditioneer box. if no voltage 6 deep cell batteries and so on. So come see us, you will not be disapointed. We went through 7 sets of off road tires last year. how far do you go to investigate, I was in Long Isand for Houdini BD this year while investigating potters field and a few other boot hill type cemeteries for the unclean.Long Island shas more cemeteries then any other place of equal land
Richard WeaverAug 5, 2012 21:21:59 PM
We better have a Voodoo segment soon or I'm putting a hex on KNPR! A hex that KNPR gets over 10,000 members. SON is still aces.
Aunty PalinJul 14, 2011 12:21:35 PM
Do any of these paranormal "investigators" have a hard science background? They should investigate the "Zappos" infestation on KNPR. I predict it mysteriously ends this Friday! :-)
Aunty PalinJul 14, 2011 12:01:20 PM
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