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The Decatur Corridor: Once proud places now blighted
The Decatur Corridor: Once proud places now blighted

AIR DATE: July 19, 2011

About two decades ago the intersection of Sahara and Decatur was one of the, if not the busiest intersections west of the Strip.  It was the edge of the city before the development boom of the last ten years.  Now that intersection and the Decatur corridor all the way up to the freeway has lost a lot of its luster.  There are numerous shops and centers that sit empty and run down.  The Las Vegas Economic and Urban Development Department has been looking at different parts of that corridor and deciding what areas are blight.  Will that help or hurt any resurgence?  And, has all the action just moved further west leaving the Decatur corridor to remain a shell of its former glory?
Lois Tarkanian, Councilwoman, Ward 1
Romeo Betea, Bus  Dev Mgr, LV Economic and Urban Development Dept

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I live in this area, and this is a question I've been thinking about. In my opinion, Decatur north of 95 is uglier (to be blunt) than the area south of the 95. If labeling this corridor as blighted can help the neighborhoods, good. There are a lot of wonderful people in this area who have lived in their homes for a long time and feel an attachment to the neighborhood.
HollyJul 18, 2011 09:53:04 AM
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